November 2017 ballot set

By Wayne Gates – 

The battle lines in Brown County for the November 7 election have been drawn.
The Brown County Board of Elections met on August 17 and certified those individuals who qualified for the ballot by turning in the proper number of signatures and following proper procedure.
The biggest race this fall is for Municipal Court Judge.  Incumbent Judge Joseph Worley is facing a challenge from two opponents.
Former Brown County Prosecutor Jessica Little is running against Worley for a seat on the bench, as is Michelle Harris. Harris currently works as a prosecutor in Adams County.  The winner will serve a six year term.
Four seats on the Ripley Village Council are being contested by six people.
Those running for the seats are Nowana Bingaman, Dianne Carrington, Kathy Lewis, Charles Poole, Linda South and Alvin Wallace.
Eagle Township will feature a three way race for two seats on the board of trustees.
The candidates are Bob Burns, Robert Hare and Bill Williams, II.
Competition will be fierce in Huntington Township with five people competing for two trustee seats.
The five candidates are Ilene Chamberlain, Randy Dugan, Colette Hamilton, Shaun Scott and Ray Stamper.
Lewis Township will also see a contested race for two trustee seats.  The three candidates running are Wayne Johnson, Randy Waterfield and Danny Wisby.
Pleasant Township also features a three way race for two seats, with Austin Carrington, Dennis Saulton and Frank Helbling all competing for the jobs.
Perry Township will see four people competing for two trustee seats.  They are David Brinkman, David Holden, Jimmy Johnson and L. Jeff Wiederhold.
Sterling Township has the largest race on the ballot with six people competing to fill two open seats on the board of trustees.
They are Stephen Barber, Mitchell Corbin, Joseph Horton, Sherri Kissinger, Steve Mezger and Todd Richter.
Scott Township has one open seat with Laura Hanselman and Travis Vaughn competing for it.
Union Township has three people running for two open seats.  They are Mark Kinder, Jeff Linebaugh and Martin Plymesser.
The final contested race in the county will be for the Ripley-Union-Lewis-Huntington Board of Education.  Two seats are open and Glenda Huff, Daniel Oberschlake, John Schwierling and Jeffery White will all be on the ballot.
The rest of the races are uncontested with the proper number of candidates for the seats available, or in some cases, not enough candidates to fill open seats.

Aberdeen Council (three open seats)
Tom Birt, Shari Lang-Stafford, David Wireman

Fayetteville Council (four open seats)
Eileen Erion, Wendy Evans, Tina Houk, Frank South

Georgetown Council (four open seats)
Andrew Clift, Kelly Cornette, David Guenther, Nancy Montgomery

Higginsport Council (four open seats)
Jennifer Elliott, Jim Ferguson

Mt. Orab Council (four open seats)
David Brenner, Joe Howser, Daniel Reed, Herm Scott

Russellville Council (four open seats)
Paula Neu, Ricky Steele

Sardinia Mayor
Greg Cassidy

Sardinia Council (four open seats)
Juanita Watson

Byrd Township (two open seats)
Shannon Wagoner

Clark Township (two open seats)
William Neal

Franklin Township (two open seats)
Nicholas Dailey, Mike Kress

Green Township (two open seats)
Gary Frye, Mike Spitznagel

Jefferson Township (two open seats)
Aaron Moran, Gary Pickerill

Jackson Township (two open seats)
Tim Ratliff, James Rau

Pike Township (two open seats)
Jay Anderson, Roger Griffith

Washington Township (two open seats)
Danny Bolender, Janey Wills

Washington Township Fiscal Officer
Kathy Berry

Governing Board of Educational Service Center Member (three open seats)
Betty Burwinkel, James Castle, Kenneth Snider

Clermont Northeastern School District Board of Education Member (two seats open)
Daniel Ilhardt

Eastern Local School District Board of Education Member (two open seats)
Angie Bogart, Debbie Forsythe

Georgetown Exempted Village School District Board of Education Member (three seats open)
Dick Colwell, Jonathan Linkous, Ralph Sininger

Western Brown Local School District Board of Education Member Unexpired Term
Scott Moore

Western Brown Local School District Board of Education Member (two seats open)
Lynette Garrett, Jennifer Patrick