2nd Annual Car Show, Aug. 26 in Sardinia

The 2nd Annual Car Show hosted by the Village of Sardinia will take place on Saturday, August 26 in the center of the village, according to Sardinia Mayor Greg Cassidy, member of the Sardinia Car Show Committee.
“Last years show featured 89 cars,” Mayor Cassidy said. “And this year’s show will be even bigger. This only being our second year for this event, we are all excited about this year’s show.
“Proceeds from the car show are donated by the Sardinia Car Show Committee to the village of Sardinia for beautification projects like purchasing Christmas lights and decorations. And a portion of this year’s proceeds will also go to the American Legion Post to help with a Veteran’s Banner program planned for the community.”
The show will feature oldies and newbies, all on display for everyone to see.
Coordinators for the event are Wade McKee and Ty Pack, same as last year. Registration begins at 9 a.m. on August 26 with trophy presentations starting at 4 p.m. The event will include 10 class plaques and 35 individual plaques based on judges scoring top to bottom, overall. Entry fee is only $10 per vehicle.
“Sardinia had a great show last year with a huge turnout,” Pack said, “This was definitely a great show with a lot of interest.
“The Sardinia Fire Department will be selling burgers and hot dogs for a donation to the fire department.
“We’ve also added another class that will be judged, that would be the “Best Antique Fire Truck. Most fire departments have an old fire truck they’ve hung onto through the years, so we’re excited about this new class and expect to have a lot of entries.”
Mayor Cassidy and Sardinia Council members would like to invite everyone from the surrounding areas to attend this fun event.
For more information call (937) 822-1117.