Tractor donated to fair board

By Wayne Gates – 

For the third year in a row, Bane-Welker and Case Tractor have donated a new tractor to the Brown County Agricultural Society to help maintain the fairgrounds.
The $75,000 tractor is leased to the fair board for one dollar.
We donate the tractor to the fair board from the first of June through the first of December. Bane-Welker and Case are both proud to make it possible,” said Donnie Kelch, Manager of Bane-Welker Equipment in Georgetown.
Kelch said that the tractor will be re-sold when the fair board returns it in December.
Bane-Welker has also donated tractors to the Clinton and Highland county fairs as well as the Eastern High School FFA.
Brown County Senior Fair Board President Bill Neal said that the tractor would be used for a number of purposes.
“It’s just great and it’s a big help. We are going to use it to haul manure, to water the tracks and for lots of other purposes. It’s just a great deal for the fair board and we really appreciate it.”
Neal added that there are more exciting developments at the fairgrounds this summer.
“We are putting in 160 feet of new bleachers in the tractor pull area. That will be double the capacity of what we have now. We are also putting in an announcer stand,” Neal said.
“The total cost will be about $250,000 once we get the concrete poured and the bleachers put in. It’s a big investment to keep people happy and keep them coming to the fair.”
The fairgrounds will also feature a new entry trailer this year.
The Brown County Fair is scheduled for September 24-28 this year.