Summerfest draws large crowds

Summerfest 2017 is now in the books.
Brown County Chamber of Commerce President Darrin Schneider said he felt like the weekend was a big success.
“I was very satisfied with the outcome of the event.  We had very nice crowds both Friday and Saturday nights.  As a whole, i think our vendors were satisfied as well,” Schneider said.
“I don’t recall  hearing any complaints from anyone coming through the gates about the admission charge or the quality of the music.  I’m very happy.”
Schneider said that the admission charge was one of the ways that the chamber was making sure that the event continues to be a success.
“We made a lot of changes this year to try and improve the financial picture of the event.  I’m happy with the progress that it’s made.  I think there can be more progress, but it does take time,” Schneider said.
“We made some headway in being able to continue to support the economic growth of the community.
Schneider said that the Friday night crowd for the bands “Phoenix Rising” and “Faithfully” may have been the largest in the history of the event.
“Saturday was also a tremendous day.  We had a good group of people in for the school bazaar and the petting zoo.  Those things really had an impact with the kids and the families.”
Schneider said that one goal was to bring the appeal of Summerfest to everyone in the county.
“We saw people from different areas of the county that we had not seen before.  We are trying to get a broader reach out and make sure that everyone in Brown County sees Summerfest as an event that’s for them.”
As for plans for next year, Schneider said “We will get together in a couple of weeks and talk about any concerns we have or changes we would like to propose.”
He also made a point to reach out to everyone who helped make the event possible.
“A big thank you goes out to all of our sponsors and volunteers.  Without these supporters we could not do events like this within our community.  It’s great to see that kind of community pride,” Schneider said.