Fay-Perry BOE prepares for new fiscal year

The Fayetteville-Perry School Board of Education met in regular session July 20 before a full board.
Following approval of the minutes and paying the list of bills, the board got right into business.
Board treasurer JoAnna Carraher talked briefly to the board regarding the newly revised budget for the upcoming school year.
“We are now in fiscal year 2018 and are closing out the end of the year balances,” Carraher said. “This is the time of year we always approve this action  which takes our balances from the end of the school year and our revenues into the new year.”
Carraher went on to say she has been opening and closing spreadsheets for the new school year and is working on the transportation report.
Members of the board briefly discussed the need to purchase at least 2 new (newer) busses since the state took two of the busses out of commission, leaving the district two busses short, and at least two other busses in need of $25,000 worth of repairs.
During Superintendent Jim Brady’s legislative report, Brady told the board that the state board recently approved the new model to change the truancy issue which will tend to take the problem out of the courts and back on the shoulders of school districts.
“This will be similar to an IEP Team (Individualized Education Program) that will help make important decisions about an individual’s education,” Superintendent Brady explained. “In this case it will be a truancy team that will create some rules and regulations to address the problem. One reason it’s come to this is because the court system is overwhelmed.”
Brady also talked about Brown County Juvenile Court Judge Danny Bubp who has actually calls him, from the court room,   and puts a student guilty of truancy on the phone, who has to talk to the superintendent and promises to do better.
“It’s really something to get a call like that from Judge Bubp,” Brady said, “and I have to tell you, it works.”
Brady also talked about the recent light-retro fit and how to dispose of old bulbs. It costs almost $2 per bulb to dispose of them. Brady questioned whether the school could keep them and sell them on an educational site. There are about 3,500 of the bulbs.
Brady also told the board that he now has a ballpark figure of the upcoming costs to the school for building improvements, but is watching bids closely. The much needed repairs will first be prioritized.
The board then reviewed the district’s handbooks item by item and made several changes and updates, making the rules, regulation and policies as clear as possible to everyone. In the end the board approved the Athletic Handbook, the Middle School Handbook, the Elementary School Handbook, the Coaches Handbook and the High School Handbook to include the changes.
In other actions taken by the board included:
• accepted the resignations from two Intervention Specialist Kellie Vilvens and Kara Hollingsworth;
• approved the hiring of Ashley Dietrich as Intervention Specialist;
• approve David Howard as assistant middle school football coach (pending certification);
•  Board member Angela Murphy will be the district’s delegate to the OSBA Convention Nov. 12-14 while board member Craig Smucker is alternate;
• Superintendent Brady was approved to begin the process of organizing an academic/athletic Hall of Fame.
The next board meeting was scheduled for Aug. 17 at 6 p.m.