Sardinia Council approves pay rates

The Sardinia Village Council met in regular session on Monday, July 10 and got right down to business with a report from Fire Chief Tommy Kirker.
Kirker said his department had received a generous donation of $1,000 towards the purchase of a new generator from the Lake Waynoka Civic Club.
“The donation for a new generator was greatly appreciated by our fire department,” Chief Kirker said, “We’ve now started watching things real close since we’ve begun implementing our new computer program. We’re able to track everything including reports, logs and other activities.
“I would also like to report that our response time is now down to six minutes from the time of the call to  and our average time to on the scene is about 11 minutes.”
Police Chief Jim Lewis reported that he and his department has had a busy month which included a domestic violence call and   a false call from a woman who said she had been abducted, proving later to be a fabricated story and was eventually charged on drug charges and theft.
“We were very happy to see such a great turn-out to the big fireworks show at the Family Day at the Sardinia Church of Christ on July 8,” Chief Lewis said. “We estimated between 1,600 to 1,800 people attended the event and everyone had a great time. A special thanks to the Church of Christ.
“It only took about half an hour to get everyone out of the parking lot at the church and back on the road. It was hard to keep people from pulling over on 32 to watch the fireworks show put on by Rossi’s.”
Several council members said they were happy to see such a great event in the village, since Founder’s Day is no longer celebrated.
In other business at the meeting, council adopted an emergency resolution declaring the necessity for a street tax levy (4.8 mills) to appear on the November ballot. Council also had the second reading of an ordinance for zoning in the village.
Mayor Greg Cassidy reported to council that he had met with a couple of companies regarding placing solar energy at the waste water treatment plant which will save the village a great deal of money.
“We’re currently spending over $70,000 a year on electricity at the plant,” Mayor Cassidy said. “I’ve actually heard back from the first plant and got some numbers. A second company we talked to had some great equipment that could measure efficiency that was quite impressive. But I want to review all the companies first.”
After suspending the rules council adopted, by emergency, the 2018 temporary appropriations.
Councilwoman Juanita Watson told council that she has been driving all over the village marking down every street, in efforts to draw up an accurate map marking what each area of the village is zoned. Different colors on the map designated what area’s are considered agriculture, business districts, mobile homes, industrial, etc. The map should be complete in a couple days.
Other actions included voting to approve an increase in the mayor’s pay rate from $3,600 to $4,800 per year and another ordinance was approved to raise payment to council members to $75 per council member, per meeting, effective Jan. 1, 2018