McDonalds grand re-opening


By Wayne Gates

The McDonalds in Mt. Orab celebrated a grand re-opening on July 18.

The restaurant underwent a renovation of the seating area and also added some more modern touches.

“It’s part of our 2020 plan, so we are trying to evolve the business to incorporate many aspects of technology. We are remodeling the lobbies, sometimes the buildings, and putting in different order points so we can continue to grow the business,” said Regional Operations Manager Crystal Haught.

Two newer ways to order at McDonalds are the self-serve kiosks in the lobby and a phone app that allows you to order on the way to the restaurant and pick up your food when you arrive.

“Some people view the kiosks as a negative, but it’s really a positive because it allows us to employ more people in the kitchen and behind the counters,” Haught said.

“When you order for yourself, you don’t have to feel rushed. Some people feel that way because people are waiting behind them, but with the kiosks you can take the time to really order what you want.”

The new lobby was open for a couple of weeks before the grand re-opening. Store General Manager Barbara Davis said that she has noticed some positive changes.

“We are having more people in the lobby versus the drive through, but with the new kiosks we are able to handle that and not have such a cluster of people at the front counter,” she said.

Mt. Orab Mayor Bruce Lunsford had a unique perspective on the festivities surrounding the re-opening.

“I was here for the first ribbon cutting in 1996. They were the first business at the 68/32 intersection. Nothing else was here when they built here. Now 1000 people work in this area,” Lunsford said.

He added that the presence of McDonalds and all of the other development in the area is a benefit for local young people.

“It’s created jobs for a lot of kids. High school kids used to have to drive to Eastgate to get a job. I love the fact that local kids can get jobs close to home,” he said.

The Western Brown Band participated in the re-opening with music for the crowd. After the ribbon cutting, the band was presented with a $250 donation from the store as thanks for their participation.