Commissioners approve ABCAP/Brown County JFS contract for Summer Feeding Program

Brown County Jobs and Family Services Director Mitch Sharp and Adams Brown Community Action Partnership (ABCAP) Executive Director Al Norris appeared before the Brown County Commissioners on Wednesday with one common goal in mind, to help provide food for low income families during the summer months with an emphasis on less fortunate children while school is out of session.
Children of low income families showing Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) eligibility could receive up to 11 meals each per week and, according to Norris, there are 219 eligible children who have already signed up for the summer feeding program. Once news of the summer feeding program reaches more people throughout Brown County, many more are expected to apply for the Brown County Summer Feeding Program.
“In most of the counties in the Appalachian Region and pretty much all over Ohio there is a summer feeding program, and Brown County isn’t eligible for all it needs for the program. So this year we are working with (Brown County) Jobs and Family Services and Mitch Sharp for a summer feeding program,” explained Norris. “For low income families with TANF eligibility, low income families with children can apply for a meal pack that contains 11 meals each week. If a child comes to us through this (summer feeding program) and there are other children in the household, the program will provide meals for the other children, as well.”
Following a brief meeting to discuss the details of the program, Brown County commissioners Tony Applegate, Daryll Gray, and Barry Woodruff voted unanimously in favor of Norris and Sharp’s request to approve the contract between ABCAP and Brown County JFS for an amount not to exceed $75,000 for the summer feeding program.
“Brown County doesn’t have the (assistance) eligibility that Adams County has, so that’s been one of the problems,” said Norris.
According to Sharp and Norris, many of the low income families in need of assistance are those with two working parents who are struggling to make ends meet.
“The majority of the people on these (assistance) programs work,” said Sharp.
“There would be a delivery of food to families, particularly with the emphasis on children who are out of school, and making sure that these children have proper nutrition.”
According to Sharp, the summer feeding program is funded through TANF.
“It’s been great in Adams County and supported by churches and schools,” Norris said while speaking of his experience with the summer feeding program in one bordering county.
Applications are currently being taken for the Brown County Summer Feeding Program. To apply for the program, call (937) 378-6041 ext. 236.