Eastern School Board buys new buses, approves contracts

The Eastern Board of Education met in regular session on May 16.
Ohio State Board of Education member Nick Owens attended and introduced himself to the board and those who attended the meeting.
“A goal of mine when I was elected was to go around to local school boards and just be a listener,” Owens said.
He also had kind words for public schools.
“I believe in public education and rural schools.  They are the center of our communities.  If anyone wants to see what public schools do for your communities, just look at your girls basketball team.”
Board Treasurer Kevin Kendall also shared a busy report with the board, including requesting an increase for lunch prices to comply with federal guidelines.
Following board approval, lunch prices in the district in the 2017-2018 school year will be $2.65 in the elementary schools, $2.95 in the middle school and $3.00 in the high school.
Kendall also presented the five year district budget forecast to the board.  He said that he is projecting revenue from property taxes to decrease slightly over the next few years and health insurance costs to rise.
Kendall also told the board that small changes now can have a larger reflection in the budgets of later years.
“Future year projections are a lot more volatile in the forecast because they represent a trend.  For example, a continuing $100,000 savings in 2018 would translate to a $400,000 savings in 2021,” Kendall said.
According to Kendall’s forecast the district is expected to end fiscal year 2017 with $35,245 dollars of additional revenue after expenses for a final cash balance of $2,901,764.
In fiscal year 2018, Kendall projects that expenses will start to exceed revenues and eat into the cash balance of the district.
For that year, Kendall estimates a $271,213 deficit, leaving $2,630,551.  In FY 2019, he expects a deficit of $555,351, leaving $2,075,200.
In FY 2020, Kendall expects a $623,457 deficit, leaving $1,451,743 and in FY 2021, he expects a $854,775 deficit, leaving the district $596,968 in cash reserves.
In other business, the board extended a contract offer to new high school english teacher Karla Hayslett, bus drivers Brittany Hopkins and Amanda Strotman and SES Custodian Ron Green.
The board also extended a contract to Jimmy Smith as the new Director of Facilities, Maintenance and Transportation.
Supplemental contracts for athletic coaches were also approved for the 2017-2018 school year.