Mt. Orab students visit local businesses

Over one hundred sixth grade students at Western Brown Middle School took a break from classes on May 16 for a stroll around town.
The students were visiting local businesses as part of a “Career Walk”.  They visited a number of local businesses, including The Brown County Press office.
“We wanted to introduce different careers to the students and we thought we would do that by doing a career walk through the community,” said teacher Alison Royalty.
“Not only does it show the kids what’s going on in their own village, it also brings the community together gets it involved with the school.”
Royalty said that she and the other teachers were very pleased with how the students were received.
“Businesses were very eager to help and the students have been very receptive,” Royalty said.
The students also attended a career day at school on May 15, with representatives of various careers coming in to talk to students.  Those who visited included a corrections officer and an insurance agent.
Royalty said that giving the students a real-world look at careers in the community can help them make good decisions about their future.
“I think it’s very important.  I think it helps the kids see what they would like to do in the future or perhaps what they would not like to do.  It’s important for the kids to get out and see what’s available out there.”
Royalty also discussed an overall message that she said is important in just about any career.
“I hope that the businesses they visited talked a lot about teamwork.  We do a lot of group work at school, so they need to see that they are also going to be a part of a team when they reach the working world.”
Royalty said that this was the first career walk in about eight years for the school, but said that they expected to repeat the exercise again soon.