Merchants Association coming to Sardinia

By Martha Jacob – 

The Village of Sardinia has shown some positive growth in the last several years.
Greg Cassidy is the mayor of the village and he is hoping the community continues its growth and expansion. He is currently in the process of organizing a new ‘Merchant’s Association to help get residents of Sardinia more involved in what goes on in the village.
A special organizational meeting has been scheduled for Thursday, Jan. 18 at 7 p.m. at the village hall and letters have been sent to every business owner/manager, community leader and any concerned citizen inviting them to the meeting.
“I feel that this new Merchant’s Association can and will be a positive step in getting greater numbers of business people, community leaders and concerned citizens all moving in a common direction to address the needs of our community,” Cassidy said.
“I get phone calls, I often get stopped at the post office or even on the street, just so someone can tell me what they’ve heard, or seen or something they’re concerned about. These concerns from our residents concern me personally and they concern our council members.
“I believe organizing the would allow people to talk more openly about their concerns and possibly even offer a solution.”
Cassidy said he feels a Merchants Association (which doesn’t have an official name yet) would give residents with concerns an avenue to participate and be part of the answer.
“Sardinia has an obligation to be the best Sardinia it can be,” Mayor Cassidy said. “And our business owners, our community leaders have an obligation to be the best possible ambassadors they can be for the village. I think that this new organization will give them an opportunity to do that.”
Cassidy went on to say that times are a lot better for the village and even through Sardinia’s rough times in the past, when it was hard to  pay the bills, there were areas that needed to be addressed to get the village through the revitalization process.
“I feel that the only way to expect any measure of success is to lock arms, fine tune our vision and move forward to achieve the best possible outcome,” Cassidy said. “Clearly, years of just not addressing problems has not worked in the past.
Mayor Cassidy would like to invite everyone from the community to take part in and take an interest in their village and become a part of the solution to some problems.