M.O. Elementary prepares for ‘Every Kid Healthy’ Week

According to information provided by Kim Scheffler, the licensed school nurse for the Mt. Orab Elementary School, a Western Brown School, one in three kids in America is overweight or obese, putting them at risk for a variety of health complications and chronic diseases.
“Evidence now shows that students who eat right and are physically active in school learn healthy lifelong habits,” Scheffler said. “They are better equipped to learn and succeed academically.”
Thanks to a grant from Action for Healthy Kids, written and applied for by Scheffler, on April 26 from 10”40 to 1:05, in celebration of “Every Kid Healthy Week with “Get Your Veggies On” (April 24-28), Mt. Orab Elementary will host a fresh vegetable taste test with teachers, staff, students and volunteers to promote healthy eating and physical activity and the link between health and academic success and to celebrate the school’s wellness achievements.
“This program was launched by Action for Healthy Kids (AFHK) in 2013,” Scheffler said. “Every Kid Healthy Week is an annual observance held the last week of April that shines a spotlight on the great efforts schools are doing to improve the health and wellness of their students  and provides an opportunity for everyone in the country to get involved in the celebration by supporting sound nutrition, regular physical activity and health-promoting programs in schools.”
Action for Healthy Kids® is a nationwide grassroots network mobilizing school professionals, families and communities to take actions that improve school foods, nutrition education and physical education for all students. With funding opportunities, expert technical assistance and  the flagship program “Game On, Action for Healthy Kids provides full support to schools and families to develop healthy school environments where children thrive.
Dozens of students, school staff, parents and volunteers, the superintendent and assistant superintendent as well as Mt. Orab Mayor Bruce Lunsford and Representative Doug Green have all been invited to this April 26 event.
To learn more about the this event visit www.ActionforHealthyKids.org.