Baseball league to improve ball fields in Fayetteville

The Fayetteville Village Council met in regular session March 15. First on the agenda was Jeff Fehring president of the baseball and softball league, which uses the village park each year.
“I took over the league two or three years ago and for the past few years we have made a lot of improvements at the village park,” Fehring said. “We’ve been able to get some funding through the Cincinnati Reds to help with our expenses with our fields. Last year we received $2,000 from the Reds.
“This year we would like to invest in fixing the chain link fence around the park. A lot of it is in really bad shape and in need of repair. We don’t anticipate getting as much money from the Reds that we got last year.”
Fehring told council that  he hopes to be able to fix a low area of the park that holds water for a long time.  He added that all the improvements would be at no cost to the village.
Mayor Randy Carson said council is also looking to add an additional small baseball field for the beginner baseball kids. He said it didn’t have to be too big. He asked that the peewee field be dedicated to the name of the late Bernie Vilvens, former mayor of Fayetteville.
Fehring said he liked the idea but it would have to be further down the road.
Mayor Carson also stated that the village would mow the field throughout the summer.
In other business at the meeting, a local resident spoke at length regarding a continuous problem with her neighbor’s two pit bull dogs which are terrorizing everyone when they get loose. She said she now has to carry a pistol with her whenever she goes outside. She said she doesn’t want to hurt the dogs because its not their fault, it’s the owners fault.
The woman said the neighbor’s yard if full of trash and garbage that blows all over the place.
Mayor Carson said the homeowner has been cited for the trash a couple of times and the dog warden has been notified on multiple occasions, but he just wasn’t sure what more the village could legally do.
Mayor Carson said he would look into the problem again and hopefully find some steps he could take to remedy the problem. However so far his only steps available to him and the police department is to contact the Brown County Dog Warden.
Chairperson for the street committee Jim McMullen reported to council that he had received three estimates to fix the village truck, one for $1,200, one for $950 and Wolfers bid was for $750, which he recommended council accept.
Councilwoman Tina Houk suggested to council that it seek estimates locally which would keep the money in the community. Council later approved the bid for $750.
Council briefly discussed the June 16 and 17 Car Show and possibly having Noah Smith at the entertainment.
Chief of Police Ed Schmid reported to council that he is in dire need of a second cruiser for his department. He has found a 2012 Dodge Charger, which can be purchased from the Freemont Police Department at a cost of $9,300 he recommended to purchase. He said his police fund has $5,700  and the village could come up with the rest of the money. No decision was made.