Russellville Police gets new vehicle printers

Russellville Chief of Police, Matt Wertz recently received some new equipment for two of his department’s cruisers.
Through the Ohio Law Enforcement Information System, the Russellville department has received new in-car Brother thermal printers according to Chief Wertz.
“In our office we now have a self-contained program where we can do crash reports, e-citations or traffic offense cases,” Chief Wertz said. “It’s also a recording system with a wealth of information to it. This new program has been great for us. We started using it some time in mid 2015.”
Chief Wertz said that last year the state informed him that in-car printers would soon be available to his department.
“These printers will allow us to immediately print out a citation, completely filled out with information taken directly off  a driver’s license,” Wertz said. “It’s a lot faster for our officers and the information is always right. Then when we get back to the office, it’s put directly into our system. We don’t even have to have a signature.
“We have also applied for a grant to get another cruiser for our department. We had a person write a grant for the Local Government Safety Capital Grant Program.
“The state made this grant available, and this is the second round for the grant in the 2016 year and $10 million in grant money was being given away to local governments or a memorandum of understanding and go in with other municipalities  for a larger grant. We applied for a $100,000 grant and split it with the fire department.”
The police department applied for the funds to purchase a new cruiser        while the fire department applied for the funds for cascade system for their air-packs.
“It will be great if we can get a new cruiser that doesn’t nickle and dime us to death with maintenance,” he said. “The grant for the cruiser is for an SUV, Ford Explorer, all-wheel drive. We really need that. We should get an answer in mid-March on whether we get the grant or not, but I’m hopeful.”