Sardinia Fire Department looks for ways to improve fire rating

Sardinia Administrator Tim Mock told council  at its Feb. 13 meeting that he would be receiving quotes for new lighting in the municipal building, where council and the police department are housed. It would include LED strips which would save the village money, and be about four times brighter. Mayor Greg Cassidy said that he was getting estimates for new windows which would also be more energy efficient.
Mock commented on at least eight deaths that had taken place in the village in two weeks. He said it had been very busy at the cemetery.
Mock said he would check into the cost of getting new street signs for the village similar to the ones in Mowrystown. He said he would get a quote for council, and perhaps the village could come up with a plan to purchase several each year if possible.
In other business at the meeting, Fire Department Chief Tommy Kirker told council that the squad had been especially busy since the last meeting.
“Our ladder truck will be done this week,” Kirker said. “The radiator was worse that what they thought it was going to be, so it was sent to Cincinnati to get the new coil put in.
“We’ve started getting in some of the new gear we ordered the end of last year. A couple things we’ll have to order include the batteries for our thermal imager which are not holding up. They are the original batteries that are rechargeable and we’ve gotten 10 years out of them.”
Kirker also discussed how his department was continuing to look for ways of saving money and cuts had been made in the electric and phone bills.
The chief also said his department is working to find ways of raising the village’s ISO (Insurance Service Office) numbers.
The ISO office provides statistical information on fire risks and can effect how much fire insurance is needed by residents of a municipality. It rates from 1, being the best, to 10. Things considered to improve the number include things like training aids, water flow and distance between fire hydrants.
“Right now our village is rated a 9, and we are working to get that number down,” Kirker said.
Kirker said getting the water flow adjusted, and purchasing a better fire truck could lower the ISO number.
Kirker told council that he was going to check out another fire truck, a 1991 model 1,500 gallon per minute pumper that carries 2,000 gallons of water. It has 17,000 miles on it. He said the cost was about $22,500 and he asked for approval to go look at the truck in Savannah, Georgia. Council told Kirker to make the trip and report back to council.
Sardinia Police Chief Jim Lewis also talked briefly to council about the Brown County Major Crime and Task was involved in a search in Warren County.
“They went up and assisted them in Warren County,” Chief Lewis said. “On of the biggest dealers who supplies in our area was busted over the weekend.”