New mutual aid agreement

A new mutual aid agreement has been signed by law enforcement in Brown County.  The goal is to never have help be more than five minutes away.
“Whether you live in the county or another jurisdiction within the county, you can now count on a rapid response,” said Brown County Sheriff Gordon Ellis.
“When the Brown County Sheriff’s Office receives a call that involves a risk of death or serious bodily harm, and a BCSO deputy is more than five minutes out from the location of that call, then the closest police department to that call will be requested to respond by virtue of mutual aid until a Brown County sheriff’s deputy arrives.”
Ellis said that the agreement wouldn’t be possible without everyone having the same goal.
“I truly appreciate the input, participation and cooperation of the chiefs of police in Brown County in making this mutual aid agreement a reality,” he said.
“It was a cooperative effort involving all of the Brown County police chiefs and the sheriff’s office.  All of us had the safety of Brown County citizens as our primary focus.  I appreciated the willingness(of the chiefs)  to take a look at this mutual aid agreement and their willingness to sign on the dotted line.”
Ellis said that the process will begin when a call for help comes into the Brown County Communications Center.
“The Brown County supervisor will assess that call and determine whether he or she or any other deputy is within five minutes from the location of the call.  If they are further than five minutes, they will immediately request assistance from the closest law enforcement agency,” Ellis said.
“Conversely, all other law enforcement agencies in Brown County can request mutual aid from the Brown County Sheriff’s Department when responding to this type of call in their jurisdiction.”
Ellis said the agreement also allows law enforcement agencies in the county to request help from other agencies, such as other villages.
In another piece of business, Ellis announced that a revamped website for the Brown County Sheriff’s Office would be online soon at
“This website will have a number of functions that citizens can use,” Ellis said.
“It will provide information on the (Concealed Carry Weapons) process, the staff directory and other information that will useful to the citizens of Brown County.”