New business, Jacob’s Ladder Resale Boutique to open in Georgetown

In its continuing efforts to raise revenue, the staff at the Brown County Christian Academy will soon open a new business in Georgetown called Jacob’s Ladder Resale Boutique.
The idea for the new way of fundraising was the brainchild of Beth Wright, from Seaman, according to Jody Staker, who is a grandmother to children who attend the Christian Academy.
“Beth Wright was attending a bible study with Maria Palm, who is the secretary here at the academy,” Staker explained. “The two women often had special prayer for the success of the academy. Beth, always wanted to own a boutique or some kind of retail store, and she said ‘Let me  start a resale store for the academy and the school will get 100 percent of the profit.’
“Everyone involved in this project is a volunteer. We now have a building in Georgetown, located right next to the Brown County Chamber of Commerce office at 105 Main Street.”
Staker said she truely believes that what has happened in the past few weeks is a ‘miracle’. She said  she put a post on Facebook about the venture.
“We have accumulated so many donated items, that they have taken over the back portion of the academy’s building,” Staker said with a smile.
“It’s simply unbelievable the amount of items we’ve had donated. Three rooms filled with everything from furniture, to toys, like-new clothes, appliances galore, you name it, we’ve got it. And all this stuff has accumulated in only the last two weeks, and our phone is ringing off the hook from people who want to help the academy.”
The Brown County Christian Academy, located in Sardinia is a member of the Association of Classical Christian Schools and currently serves 57 students. The academy offers a first-class Classical Christian curriculum,  highly qualified Christian educators and a spiritually-focused, educationally-rich environment.
“This is a wonderful school and I am thrilled that my grandchildren attend here,” Staker said. “But we are on our own. The academy doesn’t receive a dime in federal funding, it is responsible for it’s own expenses. So we are so excited about this new venture as a way of raising money and at the same time helping our communities.
“Jacob’s Ladder Resale Boutique will open in mid-March and it will be operated by all volunteers. Becky Hall is the wife of the president of the board and Jerry McLain is a volunteer from the community, and they have worked tirelessly cleaning everything. Nothing will go into the new store that hasn’t been cleaned and disinfected thoroughly.”
Staker said that every day since work got out, truckload of items are being dropped off at the school.
“And these items we’re receiving are not junk that people want to get rid of,” she said, “No, no, no, most of what we are getting is new stuff. Good stuff. And we are not looking to over-price our store. We want to move merchandise daily, and restock weekly.
“There are many beautiful things still in the boxes. But we’re not accepting any items that are upholstered, and we’re currently working with a government agency to accept vouchers from families who have experienced fires in their homes.”
To learn more about the Brown County Christian Academy please call (937) 446-1220.