Hospital renovation underway

The effort to reopen the former Southwest Regional Medical Center is continuing.
“We have retained an architect and are going through plans to renovate the facility.  We are looking at anywhere from a 74 to 104 bed facility,” said Patrick Tracy, Operations Manager for the Oglethorpe company in Ohio.
“We anticipate that this will be about a nine month to a year renovation.  We’ll have a better idea on that as soon as we get started,” Tracy said.
He added that he expected the company to employ between 200 and 250 people once the hospital becomes fully operational.
Tracy said that work to comply with Medicare and other insurance regulations would also be necessary, along with the renovation.  He expects the hospital to reopen in approximately a year.
“We are excited and looking forward to getting to work,” he said.
Tracy said that Oglethorpe is also moving forward with efforts to find a local medical provider to operate an emergency room at the facility, and praised village leaders for their assistance.
“The mayor and village administrator in Georgetown have been very helpful in this effort.  We appreciate everything they have done to help move this forward,” Tracy said.
“To have that service on our property, coupled with the helicopter service right there is an ideal situation for us in case of an emergency.”
The Oglethorpe company purchased the hospital for $1.2 million dollars and paid an additional $60,000 for the contents.
Tracy also said that the company was happy that the Georgetown Family Practice office operated by TriHealth was still in the facility.
“We have no plans to change that situation.  We want to have as many services for the community as we can,” Tracy said.
The medical records of former patients of the hospital have now been moved off-site to facilitate the renovation.
Anyone with records from September 2010 to September of 2014 can call (937) 378-7500 for detailed instructions on how to get their records.  The cost for retrieval will be $65.