Family members of two Vietnam veterans sought

Most Brown County residents now know that the historic Traveling Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall will be on display at the Brown County Fairgrounds May 11 to 14, 2017.
A group of Brown County citizens formed the H.E.R.O. Tribute Committee more than a year ago and have worked tirelessly to raise the funds to pay the expenses to bring the wall here.
“Now, we have worked out nearly all the details of the four-day event,” said Eddie Bailey, member of the H.E.R.O. Group, “We are currently trying to locate family members of the seven Brown County service men who were killed-in-action during the Vietnam Conflict.
“We want to recognize these seven brave men who died but so far, we have been unable to find any family members of two of the men. We have some information on the two servicemen, but we are hopefully someone will read this article and recognize the names.”
The two servicemen’s families that are being searched for, include:
• HM3 Charles Hugh Crawford, Killed in Action on May 29-1967, born 12-11-1040. He attended School in Fayetteville.
• SSgt Joe Franklin Evans, Killed in Action on March 11, 1968, born 7-23-1926. He also lived in the Fayetteville area.
“If anyone knows anything about where any of these two servicemen’s family members might now live,” Bailey said, “Please call me at (937) 625-7866.”
The other service men scheduled to be honored during the upcoming event include:
• SP4 Bernard Wahl, Army, Killed in Action on Feb. 22, 1968, born July 25-1947.
• PFC Thomas G. Defosse, United States Marine Corps, Killed in Action on March 4, 1968, born Dec. 27, 1948
• SP4 David Lee Bingamon, Army, Killed in Action on July 11, 1968, Born June 3, 1944
• PFC Millard Preston Wheeler, Army, Killed in Action on Aug. 12, 1969, Born June 11-1949
• SP4 Danny Raymond King, Army, Killed in Action on June 2, 1971, Born Feb. 18, 1951