Fayetteville PD receives donation towards new bullet-proof vests

​The Fayetteville Police Department accepted a donation of $3,000 made by Chris and Katey Gallager on Jan. 3 to be used for the purchase of new bullet proof vests.
Gallager said he had done work in Fayetteville and got to know a little about the community. He said he and his wife wanted to give back a little to the area and he felt that making the donation would help the police department.
Gallager Heating and Cooling is based in Warren County but provided services to areas including Brown County. He recently finished a job for Fayetteville Police Captain Chad Essert.
Fayetteville Police Chief Ed Schmid said his department is in dire need of new vests as well as new uniforms.
“We are very excited to receive this generous donation from Mr. Gallager,” Chief Schmid said. “This donation will go a long way towards purchasing 10 new vests. Also, our department has not had new uniforms since 2001. We just keep handing them down, and some officer’s uniforms don’t even fit, and we’ve tried to make do. But now it’s time to get new ones.”
Chief Schmid added that his department would be looking for ways to raise funds for the purchase of new uniforms so that the cost doesn’t have to come out of his department’s general fund.
“Eventually we hope to raise enough money to purchase tasers and body cams,” Chief Schmid said. “We can come up with enough money to buy body cams now, but the issue is storing the information from the body cams. We’re not set up for that yet.
“Mayor Randy Carson has been busy looking for grant money which could make a big difference for our department. We will be accepting donations from the community to help defray some of these costs for us, so these purchases won’t be such a burden on the general fund.”