BC Humane Society receives $1,000 donation

The Brown County Humane Society recently received a $1,000 donation from the Natalie Fossier Memorial Foundation which often donates to area causes that were important to the Fossier’s daughter Natalie’s heart.
“The Humane Society is humbled and honored to receive this donation,” said Leslie Zureick with the Brown County Humane Society. “Our mission is to save as many animals as possible. Donations like this help us keep that mission alive.”
Natalie Fossier of Milford, tragically lost her life in 2007 during an ice storm at the age of 9. Since that tragic day the family has strived to honor their daughter’s memory by donating on behalf of her foundation.
The foundation has donated to local fire departments, EMS, schools and has even hosted 5K runs to raise money for various causes.
According to Natalie’s mother Melissa Fossier, her daughter always had a special affinity for old people, animals and children.  She would have loved how much the Humane Society helps animals.
“When I saw the news reports about the rescued farm animals in Brown County,” said Fossier, “I knew Natalie would want us to donate. This donation helps keep Natalie’s legacy alive and well.”
“Our humane society depends a great deal on donations which help us throughout the year,” Zureick said. “We do everything we can to help the animals in this county.
“We are currently working on opening up a full time facility so that we can accept cats and kittens. Not feral cats, but friendly cats that we can find new homes for or house lost cats that can hopefully be returned to their families.
“Another program we’re working on is our ‘Weekend Passes’ for our dogs, especially those who have to live in their kennel for months at a time before we can home them. We have foster families that will take a dog home with them for a couple days just for the dogs welfare. It’s great for the dogs.”
She continued, “We are always looking for foster families to help when we get an over-abundance of dogs or when a dog needs extra attention or medication. Anyone who would like to volunteer, please give us a call at (937) 378-3457.”