Residents come together to help local family

Good things are happening in Brown County including, what some may call a Christmas Miracle.
Art Owens, administrator for the Village of Georgetown, learned on the Friday before Christmas that three young boys  had been taken from their home and placed in foster care. The boys left behind, their whole world, including all their clothes and Christmas gifts.
Owens immediately sent out an SOS for the boys via his facebook page.
“I posted these boys situation on my facebook page about 10 a.m. in the morning,” Owens said. “I gave the boys clothes sizes and the fact that they had no Christmas presents.
“The response to my post was literally life changing, not only for those boys but also for me. Within 12 hours, by 10 p.m. that night we had a room full of clothes and gifts for the boys.”
On his post, Owens asked all his facebook friends to share his story with their friends and asked for help for the kids. He put his cell number with his story so people could contact him.
“The goodwill that came from everyone who read my post was overwhelming,” Owens said. “Right away, things started pouring into the city building. All kinds of beautiful clothes, and toys and donations. I watched a video of the boys faces when they saw all the gifts they had under the tree, and I’ve got to say it was one of the most emotional events I’ve ever been involved in.
He continued, “It amazes me at what so many caring people in our community made happen.
“On Friday morning before Christmas there was a slim chance that the foster parents who took them in would face certain hardship trying to give them a Christmas. But because of the true spirit of Christmas, what could have been the lowest point in these three young lives could be remembered as one of their best.”
Owens said that with the left-over money that was donated, the foster family was able to purchase groceries for a few weeks, to help with the boys care.