Woodruffs host annual holiday meal

Several dozen senior citizens were treated to some early Christmas cheer on December 21.
The Brown County Senior Citizens Club got together to enjoy a meal and fellowship at the ABCAP building in Georgetown.
The family of Barry and Karen Woodruff has put on the event for the past five years.
“They don’t realize what a blessing they are to us.  They come up and tell us thank you for everything, but they don’t realize how much it blesses us to see this,” Karen Woodruff said.
“They have a place to come and to feel like they belong and have a good time.”
Barry Woodruff said he feels that the meal is a way to say thank you to those who have gone before.
“It’s a way to show the people who have spent their lives in the county that we appreciate everything they have done in their lives,” he said.
“There is more to life than just taking care of yourself.  There are other folks out there that may need some help.”
Barry Woodruff said he enjoyed walking around and talking to the group, getting an update on their lives and hearing their opinions on current events.
He said he and his family are already looking forward to seeing the group next year.
“Put on your good clothes and bring your appetite and we’ll take care of the rest.  That’s how my folks raised us and I want to pass that on to future generations” Woodruff said.