Bolce’s Pub under new ownership, becomes ‘Locke’s Watering Hole’

For the last seven or eight years, Bolce’s Pub has operated in Georgetown, owned by Mark and Debbie Bolce.  But several weeks ago the business was sold and will soon have a new look, a new name and new owners.
Becky and Johnny Locke, the new owners, are from the Ripley area where they were  owners of the Riviera for about a year. Now with the purchase of Bolce’s Pub, the young couple will have a fresh start at operating their own business.
When the Locke’s found out the business was for sale, they met with the Bolce’s and the couple worked out the details around the first week in November. According to Paula Mitchell, Becky’s mother, the first few weeks of ownership, the couple  held a contest with its customers to come up with a fresh new name for the bar.
“It was a lot of fun coming up with the new name,” said Mitchell, “We had lots and lots of suggestions, but in the end Becky and Johnny picked the new name which will be ‘Locke’s Watering Hole’ and we’re all excited about the new name. Tim Singler came up with the name and he received a $30 gift card for winning.”
The new owners are planning to add some new items to the menu including chicken phillies, mini burgers, corn dogs, hot dogs and nachos with cheese.
“We will also be adding a D.J. every Friday night, and we are really looking forward to that,” said Becky Locke, “Eventually we’ll be having local bands perform on Saturday nights. We believe this community is ready for this. We plan on being a family friendly business during the day and hope people will come in and enjoy a great meal with us.
“We also plan on increasing activity out back in the beer garden with hopes of turning it into a tiki bar with all the accessories. It will be a great place to host a party and include a full service bar.”
Locke said the sound system in the bar is great and she looks forward to meeting new people.