Lawsuit filed against Judge Bubp is settled

An Adams County probate case against Brown County Probate/Juvenile Court Judge Danny Bubp has been settled for $6000.
The case was filed against Bubp on July 28, 2014, alleging that Bubp had inappropriately benefitted from the sale of property from the estate of Hubert Wescott while serving as the family attorney.
Neither Bubp or plaintiff’s attorney Nick Ring had any comment on the settlement.
The case entered the public eye in September of that year after Bubp declared his candidacy for judge.
He denied any wrongdoing at the time, calling the lawsuit and public attention a “political smear” based on his candidacy for judicial office.
The settlement was reached on April 29, but was not finalized and signed by all parties until August 29.
Regarding the allegations against Bubp, the settlement reads; “Plaintiffs Janette Jackson and Teresa Isaacs…hereby release, hold harmless, acquit and discharge Danny R. Bubp of all claims, causes of action, damages, losses or expenses.”
It also releases Bubp from “all claims, causes of action or alleged damages for breach of fiduciary duty, fraud, misrepresentation, negligence, legal malpractice, concealment, rescission, breach or contract and/or any other cause of action..”
The settlement entry also states that “Danny R. Bubp makes no admission of fault, wrongdoing or liability, which is expressly denied.  The parties agree that they have agreed to compromise and settle this disputed matter purely to avoid further litigation, time and expense.”
The action was dismissed with prejudice by visiting judge Steven Williams, which means that it cannot be refiled.