Hospital sold, records for many still held

The former Southwest Regional Medical Center will be back in business as a hospital soon.
Common Pleas Judge Scott Gusweiler approved the sale of the property to Oglethorpe, Inc. for $1.2 million on October 4.
The company plans to reopen the hospital in six to nine months as a behavioral health facility with 60-100 beds.
Oglethorpe Ohio Operations Director Patrick Tracy said that up to 250 people could be employed at the hospital with a payroll approaching $12 million once it reaches full capacity.
The deal is set to be final in about 30 days, with all outstanding real estate taxes for the property to be paid from the sale proceeds at closing.
Over two decades worth of hospital records are still at the facility, and Receiver New Growth Advisors is working to get them back to people who wish to have them.
There is a current backlog of six hundred records and it is taking approximately four weeks from the date of the request for them to be found and printed out.
The first step to getting your medical records is to call (937) 378-7800.  If you get an answering machine, leave your full legal name, spelled out slowly, date of birth and return phone number.
“I have to go into the computer and look that patient up.  That’s why it’s important to have their birth date.  If they have been treated here in the past twenty years, they will be in the system,” said clerk Frieda Myers.
Myers said that leaving one message is sufficient for her to be able to get to work, providing all of the information needed is left on the recording.
“If a phone number isn’t left, I have no way to let someone know that their records are ready,” Myers said.
She said that when the records are found and printed, she will call the former patient to pick them up.
Myers said that not every patient who has been treated at the facility will have a record.  For example, emergency room visits ten years or older are not in her system.
Those individuals who would have records are someone who has had surgery or spent time at the hospital as an inpatient.
Any patient that has been treated at any of the clinics  or has had an x-ray would also have records at the hospital.
Records are also available from patients who have been treated at Southwest Regional Sleep Lab, Mt. Orab Urgent Care, Mt. Orab Regional Medicine, Bethel Regional Family Medicine,  Fayetteville Family Medicine and Peak Performance.