Sardinia Council approves HVAC Purchase

Sardinia Village Council met in regular session Sept. 12 with all members present. The one issue that has been up in the air for council is the purchase of a new air conditioner/furnace for the city building on Maple Street.

The purchase of a new furnace/air conditioner has been the topic of many discussions by council, action was taken by voting to hire Just-Right Heating and Cooling out of Goshen to remove the old units and replace them.

“Just Right Heating and Cooling gave us a quote of $21,350 which is actually $5,000 less than we had anticipated,” said Karen Miller, village fiscal officer. “They got right on it and we were very excited. We have the funds in reserve to pay for the work.”

Miller said the building will also be receiving all new foam insulation for $9,000 from U.S.A. Insulation, out of Cincinnati.

Other actions at the meeting included a report from Fire Chief Tommy Kirker who said the parking lot of the life squad is scheduled to be resealed. He said his department had 14 runs in August, three car accidents, a structure fire and a couple of car fires and several assists to the squad.

Kirker said his department is also planning a Halloween Dance for Saturday, Oct. 29 from 8 p.m. to 1 a.m. at the Life Squad building. The entire community will be invited to attend.

Council later scheduled Trick or Treat night for Monday, Oct. 31 between 6 and 7:30 p.m.

Administrator Tim Mock reported that the fire department would finally be ordering new computers and printers for their department.

“The Fire Department is currently taking part in a 30-day free trial of a program called E-Dispatch,” Miller explained, “It’s a special computer program  that when a call goes out, it automatically rings the firefighter’s cell phone so they don’t have to share pagers.

“The pagers are about $350 each, and the cost for the E-Dispatch is $1,100 a year. The department does not have enough pagers for all their employees.”

Council also agreed to contract with Lykins Oil to provide the village with propane for the new furnace. Lykins offered the 1,000 gallon tank at no cost to the village and will fill the tank for .89 cents a gallon for its first fill-up, then keep the tank filled for $1.09 a gallon for one year.

 Council passed a resolution describing services to be provided by village to property owners included in a 233.605 acre annexation.

On Aug. 27 the Village of Sardinia held it’s first Car and Truck Show. Mock said they were a little concerned over how well the event would go.

“We’ve never done anything like this before,” Mock said. “But with the help of Wade McKee, it couldn’t have gone any better. We had 91 participants. We had cars parked everywhere down town, and in the end, had to use two more streets to park cars than we had anticipated.

“It went off better than we could have anticipated, and in the end we made a profit of about $2,700. We had to hurry things along because of the big storm that went through, but all the participants said they would be back next year.”