‘Century Award’ presented to McCafferty farm family

Century Farms in Ohio are those farms that have been in operation under the same family for more than 100 years in the United States or Canada.

In most states the requirements for the award is that the property must have remained in the same family continuously for 100 years or more and currently be a working farm or ranch.

On Saturday, Sept. 3, 2016,  the McCafferty Farm near Fayetteville, known as Grandview Farm, was recognized by the Ohio Department of Agriculture as a Century Farm.

State Representative Doug Green attended a special 100 year celebration at the farm.

Green presented the Century Farm Award to the current family members.

In 1830, a young couple, Dennis and Mary (Elliott) McCafferty arrived in America from Ireland. They purchased farm land in Brown County near Fayetteville in 1854.

In 1894, one of the couple’s sons, Robert, and his wife Mary (McConn) McCafferty purchased a farm in Northern Brown County in Perry Township near Fayetteville.

According to family member Marylyn (McCafferty) Clark, Robert’s second son, William McCafferty and his wife Mary (Cushing) McCafferty inherited the farm in 1907 and completed the house and outbuildings in 1916.

“My father, William Joseph McCafferty and my mother Winifred (Campbell) eventually owned and operated the farm” said family member Marylyn (McCafferty) Clark.

Marylyn and her husband Ray Clark presently own the house and barns and they, along with other McCafferty siblings jointly own the land. Dan Fleisher, son of the late Jim and Wyncee (McCafferty) Fleisher, currently farms the land.

During the Sept. 3 event, more than 175 guests, family, neighbors and other friends gathered at the Grandview farm.

Father Paul Keller, OP, celebrated Catholic Mass under a tent followed by a catered dinner.

“There were photos of the five McCafferty siblings and their families were displayed throughout the house,” Clark said. “It was great fun and the evening ended with dancing in the barn and a Rozzi Company fireworks show.”

The family hopes to keep the farm and celebrate again in 2116.