Woodruffs host Christmas dinner

By Wayne Gates – 

Holiday cheer was on full display at the ABCAP building in Georgetown on Dec. 20 at the annual Christmas dinner hosted by the Barry Woodruff family.
The guests of honor were members of the Brown County Senior Citizen’s Club.
“It makes our whole family feel good. It’s really a privilege to do this.  Our families whole precept, which was based on my parents, was to be givers back to the community and this is a way we can do that.”
Each year, the Woodruff’s provide about 80 meals to the seniors at the event, plus about 20 more to shut-ins who can’t make the trip.
This meal this year had an emotional impact on Woodruff that was larger than usual.
“My father just died.  And when he passed away, about three weeks later, a new generation arrived on the scene, called a great-grandson.  So we try to teach the giving piece to every generation that we come in contact with.” he said.
Woodruff said that the annual event began as an act of Christian charity.
“When first got involved five years ago, Karen (Woodruff) decided that we would provide the entire Christmas meal for this group of seniors.”
Woodruff said that the entire family pitches in with financial help and elbow grease.
“They do things like buy the decorations, thirty something poinsettias, tableclothes, candy and popcorn.  I’m just glad that we can do it,” he said.
The annual meal is definitely something that the seniors look forward to.
“Every year as it gets closer to November and December, they start asking ‘Are we going to do this again?’ and the answer is always yes,” Woodruff said.
He added that they always show their gratitude.
“They send us cards, hug our necks, tell us thanks two or three times.  We just want to keep doing it as long as we can.”