Making music for the veterans

Residents of the Ohio Veteran’s Home in Georgetown have recently been treated to classical music, courtesy of 15 year old Grace Pedigo.

She has been playing the cello there once a week for about a month.

She said she got the idea to play for the residents from making prior visits.

“I’ve done a lot of volunteering with the Christian Theater for Children and we would go to the veteran’s home several times a year to perform in a show choir,” Pedigo said.

“The more I did that, the more I realized that I would like to help out more, so I started going on a more regular basis to play for them. I just wanted play the cello and hang out there and see if I could be of any help.”

Pedigo said that she was very happy with how she’s been received.

“I just love the people there.  They are all just so nice.  I’ve always felt so welcome. The people that  come (to hear me play) really seem to enjoy it.  I’m happy to be there for them and to know that they appreciate music as much as I do.”

Pedigo added that she is doing more for the residents than playing music.

“I also help out with bingo and other activities like that and I feel like I’m really making a difference and I love that a lot.”

She also said that the more she learns about the men she is playing for, the more she appreciates them.

“I’ve never been a huge fan of history until this year, but I’ve started to find a huge appreciation for those men who fought so honorably for our country,” Pedigo said.

“It’s just so great to know that I’m making a small difference in these men’s lives.  They may not remember me the next week, but I feel like I’ve helped them in that period of time.”

Pedigo said that anyone who is thinking about volunteering at the veteran’s home should definitely look into it.

“They love to have volunteers down there and all the men are just so welcoming.  I just think it’s a really great opportunity for anyone regardless of age. I think that every minute that I’m there is worth it,” Pedigo said.