Smith to retire from BCSO

Carl Smith is retiring from law enforcement.  The last day for the Chief Deputy of the Brown County Sheriff’s Office is July 29.

Smith said a few things have changed since he first put on a uniform in 1986.

“When I first got on the road, I worked midnight to eight a.m. and it was not uncommon to work a whole shift and not get a call.  Now it’s rare to go a couple of hours that time of night and not get a call,” Smith said.

He added that things have started to get more difficult for law enforcement officers.

“I’ve handed more homicides in the last seven years of my career than I did for the first 23.  Times are changing,” Smith said.

“The drug problem, especially heroin, seems to be driving a lot of the crime problem these days.”

Smith also offered this “back in the day” reflection.

“We didn’t have computers back then.  We had to handwrite everything.  I remember the first cruiser I had only had one channel on the radio. Information is readily accessible now.  Back then you had to wait forever.”

Smith said that world today seems more complicated and dangerous than it did back in 1986.

“It seems that law enforcement these days has a target on their back.  There are a lot more things you have to worry about,” he said.

As for the next generation, Smith had this advice for people just entering law enforcement.

“Take all of the training that you possibly can.  Listen.  You’d be surprised what you can learn by keeping your mouth shut and your ears open.”

Smith also provided an open letter to the public that is reprinted below.

“Thank You Brown County,

I started my law enforcement career in 1986 with Clermont County Sheriff’s Office as a corrections officer and came to Brown County Sheriff’s Office in 1987.  Since then I have worked with many excellent officers and deputies from Brown County and other jurisdictions.  The citizens in this county can rest easy knowing they have the best in law enforcement working to keep them safe.  While working at BCSO we have solved a high percentage of our case load and, I feel, have made a big difference in many lives over the years.  I have made many friends that I will miss having contact with on a daily basis.  These are people I have shared many laughs with, bled with, fought beside, and unfortunately have attended funerals with for those who made the ultimate sacrifice.  I also wish to thank those of you who supported me in my campaign for Sheriff of Brown County.  I truly appreciate the help I received from far too many to name.  I especially wish to thank my wife Susan for her support because without her this would not have been possible.  In the past 30 plus years I have been a corrections officer, road deputy, road supervisor, lead detective and finally, chief deputy.  It has been a great career that I highly recommend to anyone interested in law enforcement.  I made a promise that I would stay on the job until the jail reopened and was running smooth, or as smooth as any jail can run.  This has happened and now it is time for me to retire and do what I’m an expert in: spoiling my grandchildren.  Once again, thank you Brown County for allowing me to serve you.

Carl Smith

Chief Deputy Brown County Sheriff’s Office”