Man charged with sex crime

A Cincinnati man is in the Brown County Jail, charged with asking two Russellville teens for sex.

65 year old Ronald Knechtly is charged with Importuning after he dropped an index card near them that contained a question of a sexual nature, according to Russellville Police Chief Matt Wertz.

The incident happened around 9 p.m. on July 9, near the intersection of West Main and Middle streets.

“He put (the card) out the window and they were the only two in the area.  One of the kids picked it up and read what it said…and then the guy took off,” Wertz said.

The two teens then approached an adult who called the police.

The index card contained a cell phone number, which the responding officer called.  Wertz said Knechtly agreed to meet, without knowing that he was actually meeting a police officer.

Wertz said that when the officer arrived, “He walked up to him and pulled him away from the crowd and the two victims came walking by and identified him as the man with the index card. so we were able to make a positive identification.”

Wertz said that the victims did the right thing in alerting an adult.

“These boys noticed the car just kind of turning around on different streets around the village so they were already suspicious of it and knew something wasn’t right,” Wertz said.

“From our investigation, we’ve learned that (Knechtly) may have ties to the Brown County area through some property.  That was one of the questions we had…why did he come out here?”

Wertz added that incidents like this one seem to becoming more common.

“There’s so much going on in the world that we don’t have that sense of community anymore.  That brings these kind of people out into the public and they become a little more bold and brazen about what they want to do,” Wertz said.

“Kids really need to have an understanding of their surroundings and pay attention. If you see something that doesn’t seem right, call the police or tell an adult.  We want them to let us know so we can be there to arrest anyone that might do them harm.”

 Anyone with information about any similar activity by Knechtly is asked to contact investigators at 937-377-9129.