Local family operates ethically raised animal facility

Emmett Ridge Farm is a one-of-a-kind is a small family farm that produces  food which has been ethically raised.

Owned and operated by Jeremy Boswell, a former U.S. Marine, his wife Lauren and their two sons Emmett and Myles, the farm is located at 6284 Big Run Road in Georgetown.

“Our farm, which we started about four years ago, is a project of passion for both me and my wife,” Jeremy Boswell said. “It is extremely important to us that all of our animals receive the respect they deserve while they’re here on this earth and on our farm.

“I wouldn’t say I was a religious man, but I am a spiritual man and I feel that it’s my responsibility to do the best job I possibly can to take care of my animals in a natural environment.”

Emmett Ridge Farm produces high quality, sustainable raised beef, pork, chickens, eggs and turkeys.

“The name ‘Emmett’ means strong, hard working and industrious leader,” Boswell said. “Our mission is to lead the charge in the direction of a vibrant and sustainable local food system.”

Boswell said his goal is to create nutrient dense, flavorful, integrity filled food while respecting the land and the animals entrusted to him and his family.

The family breeds their own pigs for flavor, hardiness and nutrient density.

“We raise our pigs outside, where a pig can act like a pig,” he said. “They are free to roam and forage on peas, oats, kale and whatever else they can get hold of. We love our pigs and we prove it all the way to your plate.

“We raise our chickens and turkeys from chicks and as soon as they have feathers we move them outside to live on grass where they can scratch for bugs, eat grass and breath fresh air all day long, and our customers say they can taste the difference.”

The farm also raises Scottish Highland, Angus and Short Horn cattle, all raised on grass. They take a little longer to grow, which causes them to have an amazing flavor and tons of nutrient density.

“We love to have visitors at our farm,” Boswell said, “and we encourage anyone who is interested  to come visit us at least once.”

To arrange a visit, please call (513) 600-6655 or visit Emmett Ridge Farm on facebook for pictures and information.