BCSO, Mt. Orab pay for two task force officers

The Brown County Drug and Major Crime Task Force now has two full time officers working for it.

They are being paid for by the Village of Mt. Orab and the Brown County Sheriff’s Office.

Task Force Commander John Burke said he is grateful for the help.

“It’s very difficult to run an effective drug task force with part time people.  There’s no question that it will make a dent in drug enforcement in the county by having these people working for us full time,” Burke said.

He said that having full time officers working for the task force will benefit their home agencies as well.

“Whatever helps drug enforcement in the county helps every municipality in the county.  People don’t stay in one little community and traffickers certainly do not,” Burke said.

“Uniformed officers have an amazing amount of contacts and intelligence.  They deal with people every day that we need to talk to or even target.  A relationship like that helps the home agency for the officer and helps the entire county when he’s working with us.”

Mt. Orab Mayor Bruce Lunsford agreed with Burke’s assessment.

“The drug problem doesn’t stop at a jurisdictional line.  Chief Bryan Mount, council and I felt that the citizens of Mt. Orab and the entire area will benefit from the efforts of our officer on the task force,” Lunsford said.

Brown County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Carl Smith said that having a deputy on the drug task force can have other benefits to county residents as well.

“Drug cases that time to develop.  When people are dedicated to doing that, you can find people who are bringing drugs into the county and stop all kinds of crime, not just drugs, but theft cases as well,” Smith said.

Brown County First Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Zac Corbin said that having dedicated officers on the task force is a necessity to catch bigger drug dealers.

“These investigations take a tremendous amount of time if you are going to do them effectively,” Corbin said.

“We brought this task force forward because we saw the need for Brown County law enforcement collectively to work together to share intelligence and information, to not just arrest those folks who are suing a small amount of drugs, but to work our way up the chain and build stronger cases against those who are bringing drugs into Brown County and trafficking those drugs, killing Brown County citizens.”

The Village of Georgetown also has an officer working with the task force on a part-time basis.

Other villages and law enforcement agencies in the county have also contributed to the task force since its inception last year.