SHCTC students design sign for Child Focus

When Child Focus opened the doors to its new facility in Mt. Orab, the staff proudly showed off a beautiful metal sign hanging over the drinking fountain in the building.

According to Guy Hopkins, principal at Southern Hills Career and Technical Center, the sign was made by Trevor and Travis Stacy and Michael Abbott, students of the welding class and the Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) class.

“Both Travis and Trevor are exceptionally talented,” Hopkins said. “The staff of Child Focus told the boys what they wanted in a metal sign so they took what Child Focus had given them, redesigned it in the CAD class then took their idea to the welding class.

“With help from our CAD instructor Mindy Hastings and our welding class instructor John Adams, the boys did a great job.”

With the equipment in the CAD room, the students were able to change the original Child Focus design creating a heart in the sign.

Hopkins said that each year he can only take 25 welding students and each year he has to turn away applicants trying to get into the class.

“These kids in our welding class have been commissioned to do projects for the Junior Fair Board and several other businesses,” Hopkins said. “Last summer the Stacy brothers worked the summer at Eagle Coach in Amelia, but chose to come bach to Southern Hills for more training.

“This year in our welding class of 25, all but four went right to work after receiving their AWS Certification (American Welder’s Society).

“With that certification, any potential employer takes one look at it and knows that person is ready to go to work and is way ahead of the game.”