Drug training leads to Meth bust

Brown County law enforcement professionals recently attended a one-day drug awareness conference sponsored  by the Brown County Drug & Major Crimes Task Force and the Brown County Peace Officers Association.

One speaker at the training, Agent Dwight Aspacher of the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation, presented a class on the signs of clandestine methamphetamine labs.  One of the attendees, Officer Anthony Mountjoy of the Aberdeen Police Department, remembered something he had seen earlier that resembled some of the photos being shown by Agent Aspacher.

Officer Mountjoy took it upon himself to return to the location, 720 Locust St. in Aberdeen, and discovered what he now suspected to be the remanents of methamphetamine production.  Members of the Brown County Drug and Major Crimes Task Force were contacted, who also confirmed that there were indications of a former clandestine lab.  Task force personnel contacted Agent Aspacher, who responded along with several agents from the Clermont County Drug Task Force that are certified in cleaning up labs, and assisted Aspacher.

When the cleanup was completed, the team identified thirty one-pot methamphetamine labs located in the residence.

Task force agents have charged Brandon Lay, 41, with illegal assembly of chemicals for the manufacture of methamphetamine.

Lay is currently incarcerated in the Butler County Jail.