Huntington Trustee wins by two votes

By Wayne Gates – 

The final election results are in for the 2017 November election.
The race for Huntington Township trustee was still undecided after election day.  Two seats were available for five candidates. Shaun Scott finished with the highest number of votes and candidates Ilene Chamberlain and Randy Dugan each got  264 votes, leaving a tie for second place.
After provisional and absentee ballots were added into the vote total, Chamberlain picked up five more votes for a total of 269 and the win.  Dugan received two more votes for a total of 267.  The race was recounted by the Brown County Board of Elections on Nov. 30, with the results holding up.
Other close races in the county did not fall within the margin of one half of one percent of the total votes cast, which triggers an automatic recount.
The closest was in Eagle Township, where three people were competing for two seats.  Bob Burns received 160 votes and Robert Hare received 117.  Challenger Bill Williams, II finished only four votes behind Hare at 113.
Provisional ballots are those that are cast when there is a potential issue at the polling place which requires an investigation into the eligibility of the voter.  Those ballots must be approved by the board of elections before they are added to the vote total.
Absentee ballots that arrive in the mail after election day but are postmarked on the day before election day, in this case November 6, are also counted.
In the November 7 election, 8745 votes were cast out of 28,625 registered voters.  That is a turnout of 30.55 percent.
In the only countywide race, Municipal Judge Joe Worley retained his seat with 4133 votes, which were 49.44 percent of the total.  Challenger Jessica Little finished with 2156 votes, or 25.79 percent.  Challenger Michele Harris finished just 85 votes behind Little with 2071 votes, or 24.77 percent of the total.
The next election in Brown County will be the state primary election on May 8.  The registration deadline for candidates is  February 7, 90 days prior to the election.