Fayetteville Council discusses water rate increase

By Martha Jacob – 

Fayetteville Village Council met in regular session in the absence of councilwoman Tina Houk on Nov. 8.
Council held a first reading of  an ordinance establishing new rates and charges for water service to
the Village of Fayetteville and it’s inhabitants and other users.  It is a 3% increase. Rates will be $29.48 per month, minimum charge up to 2,000 gallons for 5/8 inch meters and $44.22 minimum charge per month for 3/4 inch meters.
In other business,  Mayor Randy Carson swore in two new auxiliary police officers to the police department, Officer Brian Goody and Officer Emily Luthy. The department now has 5 officers on payroll and three auxiliary officers.
Both of the newly elected council members were also in attendance of the meeting including Eileen Erion and Wendy L. Evans.
Village Administrator Bob Campbell told council that he would appreciate it if he could accompany the Fayetteville Fire Department when the next flush out of the village hydrants took place. He said the lines are very old and have to be handled with extra care as to not break the lines when the water pressure suddenly comes back on.
“These old lines are very fragile and delicate,” Campbell said, “I just want to avoid any situation that might cost the village money to replace lines.”
Zach Sandlin, the new owner of Zach’s Towing Service in Fayetteville,  (formerly Welkers Towing) attended the meeting and made a generous donation of $600 to the Fayetteville  Fire Department on behalf of HM Defense.
“HM Defense would also like to donate an  A.R. 15 Rifle to the Fayetteville Police Department  to carry in their vehicles,” Sandlin said. “HM is happy to make these donations to these important departments here Fayetteville. HM Defense  makes these guns right there in Mt. Orab. The gun has a $600 value.”
Later in the meeting representatives from Stephenson & Warner, Inc. spoke briefly to council regarding development of a web page for the village.
Kedrick Fitzgerald with Legend Web Works LLC out of Mason, Ohio gave a presentation at the request of Police Chief Essert.
“We are a Google Certified Partner currently supporting websites in more than 300 cities,” Fitzgerald began. “We offer turn-key website service in two packages. We offer a ‘Responsive package which costs $3,000 setup fee and a $75 per month and package two, a standard package with a $1,200 set up fee at $65 per month.”
The company had been talking with the police chief about how much the website could help villagers especially with the ability of using paypal to pay bills like a water bill. The system is very simple to use.
All of council was on board with the idea and plans to move forward with the project.
Campbell reminded council that he had recently sent out friendly letters to residents about cleaning up the trash around residences and had received some responses but not what he had hoped for.
“I still have a handful of violators on the books,” Campbell said, “and we’re now in the process of coming up with a second letter to send out to these people with possibly a citation to get their properties cleaned
up. These people need to understand that we are serious about this year.”
Campbell  also proudly announced that through efforts by the village and Brown County Economic Development Director Kelly Cole, the village received a $47,800 Grant has been approved to put in sidewalks from the Family Dollar Store all the way to the street light in the center of town, on the North side of town.
“We, the village will have to come up with a 10% match,” Carson explained. “ Kelly will be sending out for bids from contractors after the first of the year. Hopefully by spring something will be getting started.”