Stanley Black & Decker presents tool box to Wounded Warrior recipient

By Martha Jacob – 

The Stanley Black & Decker Company on Hamer Road in Georgetown recently presented a beautifully decorated, original tool box to an American Veteran for his service to the nation.
Stanley Black & Decker  in Georgetown was built in 1978 and expanded in 1987 to about a quarter of a million square foot facility.  It has been involved in the “Wounded Warriors” program for about five years and each year, designs a new tool box in honor of Wounded Warriors.
An Indiana man, Weston Cleghorn, was chosen by Stanley Black & Decker to receive this years tool box. Cleghorn has attended diesel mechanic school and has a real need for the tool box and tools, which were presented to him at a special ceremony on Nov. 1, 2017.
“Stanley Black and Decker has always been a strong supporter of our armed forces,” said David Boucher, value stream manager at the facility. “We are involved is several different kinds of sponsorships for our troops, but Wounded Warriors is one of our favorite.
“Originally, several years ago we had a request to build and design a Wounded Warrior theme tool box. So we did it, and we sold it on the open market and it was very popular and sold really well.
“Now each year we design a new decal to go on a tool box, and we are so proud to be giving this tool box to Weston. And it’s filled with new tools from companies like Stanley, Mac Tools, DeWalt, Bostitch, Craftsman and more.”
The Georgetown facility plant manager Nicholas Iknayan assembled the entire staff of workers for the presentation of the tool box to Cleghorn.
“Everyone assembled here has had some part in building this tool box,” Iknayan said. “This is one of those rare opportunities to really recognize a veteran for his contribution to our country and it’s great to be a part of the Wounded Warrior Program.”
John Williams with the Cincinnati Wounded Warrior briefly explained a little about the program and what it does.
He said, “This young man, Weston is honored today for his service to our country. He signed on the dotted line and put his well-being at risk and he didn’t have to do that.
“Somehow, just saying thank-you is not enough, but…(turning to Weston), thank you for your service. And thank-you to everyone here at Stanley Black and Decker for what you’ve done.”
Williams, a veteran himself, talked about how the Wounded Warrior program serves and empowers warriors and their families, by connecting with each other.
“We’ve developed a network of support for veterans,” Williams said. “And places like Stanley Black & Decker here in Georgetown, helps us continue to support our Wounded Warriors.”
Iknayan said that Weston has had to face more surgery recently and been out of work but is anxious to get back to work.
After the unveiling the new tool box, a humble Cleghorn turned to the crowd assembled and thanked them for the gift.