Worley wins third term as Municipal Judge

By Wayne Gates – 

Brown County voters returned Municipal Judge Joe Worley to the bench for a third six year term on Nov. 7.
Worley received 4085 votes, which was 49.38 percent of the total.  Challenger Jessica Little finished in second place with 2134 votes and 25.80 percent of the total.  Challenger Michelle Harris finished with 2053 votes and 24.82 percent of the total. The race was the only one on the ballot that featured candidates for county office.  Turnout for the election was 30.22 percent.
“I’m elated and also humbled that the voters have allowed me to return to the bench,” said Worley.
“I want to thank all the voters of Brown County and I also want to thank my wife, family and friends.”
In other contested races in the county, voters chose Glenda Huff, Daniel Oberschlake and Jeffrey White for the RULH Board of Education.
The four winners of Ripley Village Council seats are Nowana Bingaman, Alvin Wallace, Charles Poole and Kathy Lewis.
There were a number of township trustee races on the ballot, two of them with results that could change.
Eagle Township voters selected Bob Burns with 159 votes.  Robert Hare finished with 116 and Bill Williams II finished with 112.  There are two provisional ballots remaining for Eagle Township, wich will be counted on Nov. 20.
In Huntington Township, the vote was even tighter.  With five people running for two positions, Shaun Scott finished in first place with 289 votes.  Challengers Ilene Chamberlain and Randy Dugan both finished with 264 votes.  There are five provisional ballots remaining to be counted.
Board of Elections Member Paul Hall said he expected that a recount would be necessary in Huntington Township, and possibly in Eagle Township as well.
The most hotly contested race was in Sterling Township with with six people running for two seats.  The two winners were Todd Richter and Joseph Horton.
In Lewis Township, Randy Waterfield and Danny Wisby were the winners, as were Austin Carrington and Frank Helbling in Pleasant Township.
Four men ran for Perry Township Trustee with David Brinkman and L. Jeff Wiederhold coming away with the victory.
Travis Vaughn won an unexpired term race in Scott Township, and Union Township voters elected Mark Kinder and Martin Plymesser.
In other decisions by county voters, the Senior Services Levy was overwhelmingly renewed with 75.19 percent of the vote.  There were also fire or EMS levys passed in  Higginsport, Russellville (both fire and EMS), as well as Clark,  Huntington, Lewis and Scott townships.
The Sardinia street levy was shot down decisively by voters, with 61.66 percent voting no.
The liquor option for Hower’s Discount LLC was approved by 63.10 percent of the voters, and Eagle Township narrowly passed a cemetery levy by seven votes, 120 voting yes and 113 voting no.
The following races were not contested, with those taking office listed. The number of candidates either equaled the number of seats available, or in some cases, the number of open seats exceeded the number of candidates running.

Aberdeen Council
Tom Birt, Shari Lang Stafford, David Wireman
Fayetteville Council
Eileen Erion, Wendy Evans, Tina Houk, Frank South
Georgetown Council
Andrew Clift, Kelly Cornette, David Guenther, Wade Highlander
Higginsport Council
Jennifer Elliott, Jim Ferguson
Mt. Orab Council
David Brenner, Joe Howser, Daniel Reed, Herm Scott
Russellville Council
Paula Neu, Ricky Steele
Sardinia Mayor
Greg Cassidy
Sardinia Council
Juanita Watson
Byrd Twp. Trustee
Shannon Wagoner
Clark Twp. Trustee
William Neal
Franklin Twp. Trustee
Nicholas Dailey, Mike Kress
Green Twp. Trustee
Gary Frye, Mike Spitnagel
Jefferson Twp. Trustee
Aaron Moran, Gary Pickerill
Jackson Twp. Trustee
Tim Ratliff, James Rau
Pike Twp. Trustee
Jay Anderson, Roger Griffith
Scott Twp. Trustee
Laura Hanselman, Travis Vaughn
Washington Twp. Trustee
Danny Bolender, Janie Wills
Washington Twp. Fiscal Officer
Kathy Berry
Brown County ESC
Betty Burwinkel, James Castle, Kenneth Snider
Eastern BOE
Angie Bogart, Debbie Forsythe
Georgetown BOE
Dick Colwell, Jonathan Linkous, Ralph Sininger
Western Brown BOE
Lynette Garrett, Jennifer Patrick, Scott Moore