G’town kids get TV weather lesson

By Nina Miller, Principal GEM – 

On Wednesday, Feb. 21, Jennifer Ketchmark visited the first graders at Georgetown Elementary. Jennifer Ketchmark is a 9 First Warning meteorologist on Good Morning Tri-state on WCPO TV.
She spent time teaching the first graders about her job at the news station by showing them what goes on from behind the scenes. She showed pictures of herself giving news reports and explained how green screens are utilized to show the various weather maps that we see on our televisions.
Students loved seeing the pictures of the news studio and listening to the preparation that takes place in order to air the news on our local station. Another portion of the visit consisted of weather education.
Jennifer spoke with the students about the various types of weather such as rain, hail, and storms. One major discussion was about tornadoes. Students learned about the Tornado EF Scale, which is used to rate the intensity of a tornado.
They learned the difference between a tornado watch and warning. Students demonstrated how they should protect themselves in the event of a tornado and discussed where they should seek shelter in the event of a tornado.
Before leaving, Jennifer took a video of the students saying “Good morning tri-state, from Georgetown Elementary.” It was featured on 9 First Warning on this past Monday.
This is the second year that Ketchmark has volunteered her time to help educate the first grade students at Georgetown Elementary. The students enjoy having her come to their school and look forward to her visits in the years to come.