H’port officer fires gun in confrontation

By Wayne Gates – 

A Higginsport Police Officer had to fire his weapon when confronted with a man with a gun who was screaming “Shoot me, kill me” the evening of Oct. 31.
Officer Aron Riley, who has been with Higginsport since May of this year, was sent to what was reported to be a burglary.
When he got there, Higginsport Police Chief Bob Feinen said that the situation quickly unraveled.
“(Riley) came upon an unlawful entry into a building where people were removing items.  As he approached them, one subject aggressively approached the officer with a weapon in his hand.  The officer told him to drop it, and the person was screaming ‘Shoot me, kill me,’’ Feinen said.
“The officer continued to tell him to drop the weapon, and that subject jumped into a truck and started backing up towards my officer, at which time he shot out the back tire, attempting to disable the vehicle.  The vehicle took off to elude the officer and a pursuit ensued.”
Feinen said that the chase ended on Oak Grove Road near 505.  Riley waited for backup and then the group of officers, along with a dog, searched the woods.
They were not able to find the man, but they know who he is. Fienan said that his companion in the truck was arrested.
“There was a female subject in the vehicle. We did apprehend her and we know who the person was that left the vehicle, but we are still in the process of confirming everything,” Fienan said.
Until that happens, Fienan said he did not want to release the name of the suspect or the woman that is in custody.
“She is a material witness for us and until we get this case completed, she feels that her life may be threatened, so we are withholding her name until the investigation is complete,” he said.
Regarding the discharge of the weapon by Riley and the pursuit, Fienan said “I am very comfortable with how things were handled. These things can occur at any given time and you have to be prepared for the worst. I’m just thankful that nobody was injured.”
Fienan also expressed gratitude for the support being shown to his department by the residents of Higginsport.