Five candidates for two open seats in Huntington Township

By Martha Jacob – 

Candidates for Huntington Township Trustee will anxiously await the final vote in the Nov. 7, 2017 election. There are five candidates running to fill only 2 seats which should prove to be a very competitive race for all five qualified candidates.
Each of the candidates offered information to the Brown County Press about themselves and their qualifications to be a Huntington Township Trustee. The following information was taken from a questionnaire that each candidate submitted.

• Ilene Chamberlain is hoping residents of Huntington Township will vote for her in the upcoming election.
“I would like for voters to know that I am hard working and knowledgeable of the issues that affect Huntington Township residents,” Chamberlain said. “I have served as Huntington Township trustee for the past seven years and I have attended many trustee meetings in the past.
“I am available to residents of our township 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I commit myself full-time.”
Chamberlain said that along with serving as a trustee in the past, she also assisted her late husband Kenny, who was a Huntington Township trustee for many years.
“The maintenance and upkeep of roads throughout the township, as well as the Martin Hill and Charter Oak cemeteries are definitely priorities for me,” she said. “I also consider communication between the township and the fire department and life squad priorities.
“I feel I am dedicated to all the residents of our township. I am experienced with the demands of the position and am uniquely experienced with the care and maintenance of our cemeteries.
“I am a life-long resident of Huntington Township and would like to help us continue to grow and prosper in the coming years. I will work full time to serve the residents of the township to the best of my abilities.”

• Randy Dugan brings to the table nearly 12 years of working knowledge of township projects, equipment needs, emergency services and the Ohio Revised Code.
“I have established working relationships with funding agencies that continue to provide funds for Huntington Township roads,” Dugan said, “Those agencies include the Brown County Engineers, FEMA, NRCS and the Ohio Emergency Management Agency.
“I have served Huntington Township as trustee for the last three terms and look forward to serving another term.”
Dugan says he is truly committed to the position of Huntington Township trustee and believes that his record will show that in nearly 12 years of serving as trustee he has only missed one meeting due to emergency gallbladder surgery.
“I’ve served three consecutive terms as trustee from 2006 to this current term ending in 2017,” Dugan said, “I hope to continue serving this township.
“As far as my priorities go, all our township projects must always be top priority to the Huntington Township trustees and I feel it’s important to continue the pursuit of grant funding to improve township roads for our residents. It’s also important to ensure our emergency services have the necessary staff and equipment and finally we must ensure that Charter Oaks and Martin Hill cemeteries are well maintained and records are kept accurate.
“I have a proven record as a Huntington Township trustee with my knowledge of the Ohio Revised Code, grant funding and township budgeting. I look forward to continuing to serve this township.”

• Coletta Brell Hamilton is one of five candidates hoping to win the votes of the residents of Huntington Township for trustee.
“If elected, this would be my first experience as an elected official,” Hamilton said on her questionnaire. “I feel my experience as a business owner would be useful in the position of township trustee. And as a licensed funeral director, I am accustomed to being called out at a moment’s notice to assist families during their worst times, so I feel as a trustee, I could be available to assist residents when an issue does present itself, even if that should be ‘after hours.’”
Hamilton said she has served many years as a volunteer in both decision based organizations and in a fundraising capacity on school, cemetery and civil committees and feels she has an expanded knowledge of cemeteries and how they operate.
“I would be able to devote as much time as is needed to be a good trustee,” Hamilton said. “I have a flexible schedule that would allow me to be available at any time of day, if needed.
“As far as my priorities as a trustee, maintaining roads that are within our township and under township control would be a major priority, since residents having access to their homes, jobs and school is of utmost importance.
“I would also like to update cemetery records and make maps and grave locations more accessible to families who have loved ones buried there or are attempting to locate the resting place of their ancestors.”
She explained that her profession has given her experience in serving others when they are experiencing what is, for most, their worst time, and that is the loss of a loved one.
“With that being said, a road needing repair or cemetery updates may not be an emotional ordeal,” Hamilton said, “It is important to understand how they are being impacted and work towards a solution that will benefit all involved. I feel that my professional background has given me the sills needed to work with others and find a resolution to their concerns.
“I would like to serve in this position to gain experience as a civil servant, and would greatly appreciate being given the opportunity to serve the residents of Huntington Township.
“I think voters should vote for me because I am approachable and down to earth. As a business person, I am also very conscientious about business expenses and would adopt the same practices when it comes to spending taxpayer dollars.”

• Shaun Scott is one of 5 candidates running for 2 seats as a Huntington Township Trustee. He feels he is well qualified for trustee and his qualifications include experience and knowledge of building and maintaining roads, bridges and waterways.
“I have worked with many local townships, villages, cities and local homeowners for the past 20 years through our local family owned excavating company,” Scott said in a questionnaire. “I bring bid estimate knowledge of costs to perform the large variety of work done by trustees or contracted labor to this position, and it will greatly benefit Huntington Township and its residents.
“The experience I would bring with me if elected would include the past 20 years of being a heavy equipment operator, bid estimator, project lead, laborer the family business on a daily basis. We deal with a lot of the same responsibilities as a township trustee. If elected I would commit all of the time needed to perform my duties as a trustee.”
Scott said that his priorities as a trustee would be making sure the fire department has what it needs to be able to serve the community when needed. He added that he would like to see the cemetery continue to be well maintained and brought up to date on records so that all trustees will have knowledge of the cemetery.
“Another priority for me would be to keep our roads in this township in the best shape possible,” Scott said. “I feel my work ethic and dedication to my work and anything that I do in life is what really distinguishes me from the other candidates.
“There are many reasons I would like to serve our township as trustee. I would appreciate township residents voting for me especially if they are looking for a trustee that is visible throughout the full 4-year term and always give 100%.
“I will be a trustee that is willing to work with the other trustees and community leaders to make our community a better place.

• Ray Stamper is running for Huntington Township Trustee and brings with him 20 years of experience as a member of the fire department in all capacities excluding chief.
“I have worked in the field of construction and also as an equipment operator,” Stamper said on his questionnaire. “Although this will be my first experience as a trustee, I am ready for the challenge and feel I am qualified.
“I currently work as a flight nurse, but my schedule is pretty open which will allow me the time I need to serve the residents of Huntington Township.
“I look forward to serving as trustee for my township. I feel I am in good physical condition and quite capable of doing a good job. I would like the opportunity to  continue to serve my community.”
Stamper said he is a long-time resident of Huntington Township and frequently travels the township roads so he is well aware of their condition and brings a wealth of experience in construction to the position.