Voters in Pleasant Township to choose two

By Martha Jacob – 

Voters in Pleasant Township will have three candidates on their ballot to choose from in November to fill two seats available for Pleasant Township Trustee.
The candidates are Austin Carrington, Dennis Daulton and Frank W. Helbling. Candidates submitted their answers to a questionnaire they received from the Brown County Press. The following information was taken directly from each candidates responses to the questionnaire.

• Dennis Daulton has worked for the Brown County Engineer working on roads in the county for 25 years. He has 15 years experience working  road construction and said he brings over 40 years experience to the table.
“I will be able to commit as much time as needed to this position of trustee,” Daulton said. “I am retired now so I will be able to be a full-time trustee. If elected, this will be my third term as trustee and I look forward to another term.
“My priorities are simple, our public safety and keeping our roads here in Pleasant Township in good condition for our residents. That’s my reason for running for this position, to help my community. That is important to me. I feel I am a good person for trustee and bring honesty and integrity to the job.”

• Austin Carrington feels he is well qualified to serve as Pleasant Township Trustee performing manual labor projects, and he is computer and internet fluent.
“I have my CDL licensure which I feel is an asset for a trustee,” Carrington said. “I work well on my own or in large groups.
“I work outside every day and I know how to operate many types of equipment. I’ve been a hard worker since the age of 14. I will be available for work daily.
“Although I’m 22 years old, I believe my age and my energy are assets to serve this township as its trustee.”
Carrington said he believes that Pleasant Township is in good shape and he would like to be a part of continuing efforts to see that it is well maintained. He feels he is a hard worker and says he will listen to resident’s concerns about the township.

• Frank W. Helbling is a lifetime resident of Pleasant Township, Helbling’s entire life has been spent in Brown County with the exception of two years in the U.S. Army, (one of which spent in Vietnam).
“Pleasant Township has always been my home and I have an understanding of the problems facing this township,” Helbling said, “I have a long career working in this township and had first-hand experience working to improve the township’s roads and infrastructure.
“I have operated the equipment and as past Pleasant Township Trustee, I have sought out, applied for and obtained grants to bring money to the township for the maintenance and improvement of that infrastructure, the roads, culverts, bridges, etc.”
Helbling brings over 42 years of experience working with the public to the table, the past 12 years, serving as trustee. For over 30 years Helbling has worked with Georgetown Utilities as water superintendent where his duties included dealing with the electric, water and waste water systems as well as drainage.
“As trustee I will continue to be able to commit extensive time to the job of trustee, because I am retired,” Helbling said. “I still work on my family farm, but I will remain available 24 hours a day to answer any questions regarding the township to the best of my ability and to solve the difficulties facing the township within the requirements of the law and the limits of the township’s budget.
“As a Pleasant Township Trustee I have gained immeasurable experience and learned to successfully apply for and obtain grant funds. I will continue to do so, with the goal of always improving our township.”
Helbling added that the township has several issues facing it and he hopes to continue to work to upgrade the township’s roads and maintain safe bridges and culverts.
“The safety of our citizens is also always important to me and I hope to continue working with the sheriff, police and fire departments to ensure that safety and to make Pleasant Township a good place to live for all of our citizens.
“I believe that  all the candidates for Pleasant Township Trustee are good citizens, but I believe that because I am retired and because of my past experience working with both the public and other county and safety officials, as well as my hands-on experience operating heavy equipment, my success in obtaining grant funding and my ability to operate within the township budget, that I am distinguished from the other candidates as a very well qualified candidate for Pleasant Township Trustee.”
Helbling added that he strongly believes that voting is one of the rights that Americans have and he hopes residents will get out and vote for him as Pleasant Township Trustee.