Oldest family business in Brown County going strong at 110 years

By Martha B. Jacob – 

Georgetown Marble and Granite Company has been serving Southwest Ohio since 1908. It has been recognized at the oldest family-owned business in all of Brown County.
The business first opened under the leadership of Edgar Kennedy at the same location it is located today at 401 E. North Street in Georgetown.
Today, Georgetown Marble and Granite Company is owned operated by Kelly and Bethany Heslar, the fourth generation.
“Earl Heslar was Mr. Kennedy’s son-in-law, and he bought the business from Mr. Kennedy and took over ownership in 1947,” Kelly Heslar explained. “Then my father, Jim took it over in 1976 and I took over on April 1, 2015.”
Kelly’s wife, Bethany, formerly a paralegal, joined the firm in 2013 along with the couples two young sons ages 5 and 6.
Kelly said working at the business is the only job he has ever had, and was excited to take over the well-established business.
Many people think Georgetown Marble and Granite makes counter tops, but that is not at all what they specialize in.
They are a full service company offering granite, marble, bronze and cemetery lettering on monuments, headstones, statues, markers, mausoleums, benches and memorials to name a few.
About three years ago Kelly added laser etching to his list of services.
“This laser machine we have now can do almost anything,” Kelly said. “People often take carbon etchings of a headstone they really like and our machine can duplicate it. It can make scenes, or photographs. or a picture of a car or a house or even an aerial view of a property.
“The possibilities of what this machine can do is endless. We are very proud to have it and be able to make people happy.”
Bethany said they are very proud of some of the specialty items they have done with their new machine, including the monument of U.S. Grant in the village park in Georgetown, the monument on the courthouse lawn, the Southern Hills Career and Technical Center, the Bethel-Tate sign and the Church of Christ sign.
“Its surprising how many small headstones we make for pet owners,” Bethany said. “We can even etch a picture of the dog or cat on it. People love what we’re able to do.”
Georgetown Marble and Granite will celebrate its 110th anniversary this year.
Because the company had so many requests for flowers, since there is no longer a florist in Georgetown, they now offer artificial flowers, saddles and grave blankets for their customers.
“We actually have customers who bought headstones from my grandfather, my father and now from me,” Kelly said. “That makes me proud of what I do.
“I also do a lot of headstone repairs and restorations. I can do touch-ups on lettering and help with faded headstones and those leaning or falling down.”
Kelly and Bethany would like to thank all of their customers for the many years they have trusted Georgetown Marble and Granite Company.
The business is open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Wednesdays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. and on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Please visit them at georgetownmarbleandgranite.com