Lewis Township voters to pick two trustees

By Martha Jacob – 

Residents of Lewis Township will have the opportunity to vote for three candidates to represent them as trustees on Nov. 7.
There are only two seats up for grabs, with candidates Wayne Johnson, Randy Waterfield and Danny R. Wisby hoping to fill them.
Each candidate was provided with a questionnaire regarding their qualification they bring to the table as trustee. The following information is from those questionnaires.

• Danny R. Wisby was unable to be contacted and did not return his questionnaire.

• Randy Waterfield is asking for support by voters on November 7 in retaining his position as Lewis Township Trustee.
“It has been my pleasure to serve in this position and I look forward to continuing to work on our residents behalf,” Waterfield said. “In asking for your support and I would like to highlight a few of the accomplishments we, as a board, have made and are proud of, as well as my future goals and commitments.
“I think it is important to mention that the following accomplishments have been attained with no additional taxation.”
Waterfield listed the following accomplishments including:
• Secured grants in excess of $200,000 for the township during his term;
• Purchased and now own our own township building, which provides our trustees with a meeting hall and our residents with a much needed voting facility;
• Perpetual care for all township cemeteries;
• Added an additional 2-acres to the Shinkle Ridge Cemetery;
• Continued to update and maintain township equipment necessary for road maintenance;
• Coordinated annual township clean-up days.
“I believe that Lewis Township also has important future goals and commitments,” Waterfield said. “I have a commitment to being a dedicated trustee for our township and I am committed to fiscal responsibilities in all decisions.
“We need to continue to pursue additional grants, bringing federal funds into our township. We should be working to build on to our township hall purchase with the enhancement of our Fire and EMS Protection Services.”
He said he would like to continue to fulfill the day-to-day responsibilities of the township trustee by continuing to work, improving and maintaining the township roads, the EMS services and the continued care of the cemeteries.
“Finally, I’d like to thank our residents for giving me the opportunity to work on their behalf as Lewis Township Trustee and again I’m asking for your support on November 7.”

• Wayne Johnson is hoping to fill one of the vacant seats as Lewis Township Trustee and says he feels confident in his abilities to provide good leadership and a new perspective view point in the daily operations and coordinating with people and other agencies.
“I want to serve as Lewis Township Trustee to better help my community,” Johnson said. “I am a long-time resident of this township, an EMT and a firefighter. I have a strong concern for my neighbors and the area.
“I have 45 years of operating a business, mostly in the area and dealing with small to multi-million dollar projects.
“As a local business owner I have the flexibility to be available at anytime for the township business.”
Johnson said he has been responsible for coordinating with multiple agencies projects and working with small and large budgets and has what it takes to work well with other people.
“One of my priorities as township trustee is being able to obtain funds that are available from all entities, improve the maintenance of township roads, especially in winter, keep expenditures under control and of course keep the budget balanced,” he said.
“I believe I bring a clear new perspective into the needs of the township and a desire to serve my neighbors and friends and a passion for the future growth of Lewis Township.”
Johnson added that he has an honest and genuine concern for the township where he lives and feels he will bring a new energy and new ideas if elected.