Four candidates face off for RULH Board

By Martha Jacob – 

Voters in the Ripley-Union-Lewis-Huntington School District will go to the polls on November 7, 2017 to vote for three candidates for school board.
Only three seats are open with four names to choose from on the ballot. Candidates include, incumbents Jeffrey White and Glenda Huff and newcomers Daniel Oberschlake and John Schwierling.
The following bios were submitted by three of those candidates to help voters be more informed on the qualities each brings to the table.

• Glenda Huff has been involved in several different areas of the RULH School District over the years, even before her children were students when she volunteered for activities.
“I have been on the board of education for 12 years now,” Huff said. “I have always tried to diligently provide the best resolutions to issues and concerns of this district. I believe being in management and at bedside of nursing for 20 years has helped with in being able to listen to all sides of an issue, yet follow the ever changing rules and regulations the ORC and OAC put before the district.
“Our board usually meets a few hours a month, while other months it could be much more. I spend whatever amount of time that’s needed to review the concerns before the board at that time.”
Huff said that she has served 3 terms and through those years, her priorities have remained constant,  finding and having the money it takes to provide the services needed by the RULH students.
“We have to reconcile ourselves to this need which is a never ending concern. The state is constantly throwing unfunded mandates at the public schools and then changing them in a few years, to something they think might be better.
“Public schools end up being the research animal for whatever study the current legislature in state and federal government feels looks better for that time span.
She continued, “I enjoy most of my time being involved in the ever changing world of education and proud to be part of a district that has teachers and administration that truly care about what happens to our children and the type of education they get.”
Huff said that she knows the district has been through some difficult times recently but she hopes to see the positive and consistent performance of RULH students and teachers and administration shine once again and added that she would like the opportunity to continue to be part of that change.

• Daniel L. Oberschlake  feels that he is qualified for a position on the RULH School Board because he is a lifelong resident in the district and a graduate himself of RULH Schools.
“My parents are also longtime residents of the community and my younger brother too, is a RULH graduate,” Oberschlake said in a questionnaire. “I am married with 2 children coming up in the school district. I am involved.
“I currently serve the community as a firefighter and paramedic and I devote time to the local FFA and serve as a project advisor with the Huntington Hotshots 4-H club. My ability to listen to people and pay close attention to detail in my community service along with my passion for this school district makes me a good candidate.”
Oberschlake said that with his current work schedule he feels he will be able to commit more than enough time to the position of school board member as well as attending school activities.
“I would like to use my off time throughout the week for school visits to gain an insight on what would increase our efficiency and help the teachers and staff be more effective,” Oberschlake said. “I feel that being a hands-on board member and being active in the schools is the best way.
“As a board member my priorities will include the district’s budget and its use of taxpayers dollars and the quality of teachers and staff that are provided for the students.
“I would like to see a fiscally conservative school by reviewing budgets to see where money could be saved or used more wisely. I would also like to see RULH School District follow other successful districts in use of grants to get solar panels or alternative energy sources for the schools.”
He said using solar energy would not only be an educational opportunity for students but it would be a great option to save money, in reinvest in the district.
“I would also like to ensure that the staff are the most highly qualified with high moral standards that will set a great example in and out of the classroom.
“I consider myself a young and enthusiastic individual with an open mind and a modern approach to becoming a more efficient and financially responsible school district.
He continued, “I am a proud Bluejay and would like to help this district grow and develop into one that our community is proud to support.
“I would greatly appreciate the vote of my community because I will keep the taxpayers interest in mind while providing students and faculty with the best possible tools and environment needed to ensure a quality education.”

• John T. Schwierling had not returned his questionnaire by press time.

• Jeffrey A. White has served on the Ripley-Union-Lewis-Huntington School Board of Education for the past four years as well as holding a seat on the Southern Hills Career and Technical Center board, brings an array of experience to the board.
“I believe I have the time needed to serve as school board member due to my retirement because of medical issues,” White said. “I have all the time it takes to fill this position and spend the time it takes dedicated to being a good board member.
“As a board member I have my priorities and number one on the list is making sure that every student has the skills they need to succeed after high school.”
White says he believes in treating people they way he would want to be treated, fairly and with respect. He feels he has always been approachable and willing to listen.
“We have the resources at RULH to prepare our students for success in any area they choose to pursue,” White said, “If a student wants to go into the military, our school offers JROTC, for stay at home mom or dad, we offer FCCLA. If they want to go to college, we have 4 dual credit teachers and offer 7 dual credit courses at the high school. If a student wants to be a farmer we offer a great FFA program. If our students would like to learn a trade, we partnership with Southern Hills Career and Technical Center to provide top notch skills for our students.
“I’m proud to be a part of a school system that helps prepare students to succeed and I want to make it even better.”
White said he feels that the voters in the school district want the same things he does for their children. They want to be able to go to work and not worry if their children are safe and they want them to get a good education.
“I would like to thank all our voters in this district for passing a levy allowing many important issues to be addressed,” White said. “We have purchased seven new buses with new cameras, we’ve put cameras around all our buildings, updated our technology and every student is provided a chrome book while at school.
“Voters should vote for me because I want what they want, safety and the best education while spending our tax dollars wisely.