Method of choosing valedictorian questioned at Western Brown

By Martha B. Jacob – 

Conversations are ongoing at many of the Brown County Schools regarding procedures for choosing the schools Valedictorian and Salutatorian.
During the Western Brown Board of Education meeting held March 19, the board heard from district parent Bill Dean and student Rosie Dean, who gave a presentation on their concerns over the percent of classes that are required to be taken at Western Brown High School.
The issue continues to come up because of all the recent changes in how students obtain their required credits.
Students receive credits from ‘home schooling’, correspondence courses, National Guard High School Career training, for work experience, digital and online curriculum and other alternative programs. All these options make it very difficult to decide who is best qualified for valedictorian.
In the past the valedictorian is the senior that has the highest grade average in the class at the end of the third quarter of their senior year. The salutatorian is the senior that has the second highest grade average in the class at the end of the third quarter of his/her senior year.
The ranking is based on all four years of full credit courses in high school.
That is the reason there is now confusion. How many credits do these alternative programs offer and how could it change the way valedictorian and saltatorians are chosen.
The board will review the matter.
In other actions at the meeting Mindy Pride, principal at Hamersville Elementary School and Trish Hiler, assistant principal presented letters from their students thanking the board for the addition of a resource officer at their school.
Pride also updated the board on the progress of the advisory groups at the Hamersville Elementary School.
The board approved the resignation of Amanda Dean as Mt. Orab Middle School Jr. High girls track coach, a leave of absence for Christine Neal, high school aide and Deborah Cremer’s retirement as the elementary school head cook.
The board also approved employment for :
• Deborah Smith, bus driver, and Kellie Day and Gary Erbe, van drivers
• Nick McAfee, high school assistant track coach, Aaron Chase and middle school girls track coach
• Dan Reed was employed for seasonal mowing and Heather Frye as volunteer girls softball coach.
Other actions taken by the board included approving a resolution supporting School Safety and Reducing Violence in Schools and approved a resolution opposing HB 512.
Field trips were approved, 2018 tax rates and flexible spending plan for employees was approved.
Also approved were bus bids, unencumbered cash balance, appropriations and revenue modifications.