Three candidates in Eagle Township

By Martha Jacob – 

Eagle Township in Brown County has two open seats for township trustees. Three worthy candidates are hoping to fill those seats in November and are looking for township resident’s votes. Candidates Robert Hare and Bill Williams answered a questionnaire regarding what each candidate will bring to the table as an Eagle Township Trustee. Candidate Bob Burns chose not to submit a questionnaire.
• Bill Williams was appointed Eagle Township trustee for one year and believes he has done the job needed by a trustee and knows what is involved with the position.
“I am 50 years old and I’m a business owner in the area,” Williams said on his questionnaire. “I have experience working with the community as well as doing the job as a trustee. Being self-employed gives me the flexibility to give the needed time to the job as Eagle Township Trustee.
“I have priorities as a township trustee including using this township’s money wisely and maintaining the township roads. I believe my age is an asset, along with my abilities to do the work that needs to be done.”
Williams said he has lived in the township for going on 20 years and he sincerely wants to continue to see the township improve.
“I enjoy working with the public and will work hard to meet the needs of the township,” Williams said.
• Robert Hare is also seeking a seat as Eagle Township Trustee and feels he brings needed experience, responsibility, dedication and good work ethics to the position.
“I have four years of experience as a trustee,” Hare said. “Along with those four years I also have many years of farming, hard work and community involvement. I am prepared to commit as much time as it takes to get things done. I do work part-time, but my hours are very flexible.”
Hare said his priorities as Eagle Township Trustee include upgrading and maintaining the 29 miles of roads in the township.
“I think what distinguishes me from the other candidates,” Hare said, “is that I worked for 30 years for Procter & Gamble in research and development and supervised people and had leadership responsibilities. I am very interested in making Eagle Township the best it can be. It’s where I live and I have no intentions of moving.
“I will get the job done, whatever it takes.”