Cracraft charged in Sept. 25 Ripley McDonalds robbery

By Wayne Gates – 

A man accused of robbing the McDonald’s in Ripley on Sept. 25 by force is facing serious charges.
Bradley Cracraft was indicted by a Brown County Grand Jury on first degree felony Aggravated Robbery, Aggravated Burglary and Kidnapping charges on October 5.
He is also charged with second degree felony Robbery and fourth degree felony Grand Theft.
Cracraft is currently in the Mason Co, Kentucky jail.
Brown County Prosecutor Zac Corbin said that Cracraft was an employee of the restaurant when the alleged crimes occurred.
“This was planned.  He broke in and he waited, knowing employees would be coming in to open the store,” Corbin said.
“He then used force and caused harm to one of the employees while committing the robbery.”
Corbin said that the amount of money allegedly stolen by Cracraft exceeded $7500.
He said that the kidnapping charge resulted from what Cracraft is accused of doing once other employees arrived in the early morning hours.
“The kidnapping would be for restraining the liberty of that employee.  The allegations are that the employee was taken by Mr. Cracraft against her will and then forced to open the safe and hand over the money.  Physical harm was occasioned on that employee in the process.”
Corbin said that the robbery charge is for the theft itself and the burglary charge was because the alleged crime occurred in an occupied structure.
Corbin said that the case was wrapped up quickly thanks to local law enforcement.
“We have to give kudos to the Ripley Police Department who responded to the scene immediately.  The worked an active, quick investigation to find their suspect and make a good case.”
Corbin said that Cracraft’s case will proceed through Brown County Common Pleas Court when he is returned from Mason County.